Sunday, February 12, 2012

Holy Moly 7 Months

In the past month N has become the most active little boy. He is 90 mph or asleep, rarely in between. I tell Ben its payback for him being so active. (He walked 2 miles shortly before 2 years old up the mountain to a neighbor's house... I didn't even walk until I was 18 months old.)

N is the most fun though, a very very happy child. The only time he cries is when he has a dirty diaper or is tired. We are still trucking through the pumping/breast milk situation and things are going well.
- I pump 4 times a day, he takes a bottle 3 or 4 times a day.
- He has cut himself back to about 21-25 ounces of milk a day.
- He eats food 3 times a day. He eats ANYTHING. Sometimes he doesn't like my combinations of food (like when I have a little bit of apples, pears, blueberries and bananas and mango left and put them all together, ha! That doesn't make for a tasty combination).
- He weighed in last week at 17 pounds. I'm still surprised he's that small, he seems like a CHUNK and eats all. day. long. Seriously, the doctor told us to make sure he's eating food three times a day and has at least 20 ounces of milk, so when you divide that by the fact that he's only awake like 10 hours a day, that means he's pretty much constantly eating.
- He has gotten very clingy, if you make eye contact with him while walking out of the room he gets upset.
- He learned to reach for you when he wants to be picked up. I LOVE IT! If he's in someone else's arms, he'll lean forward for you to take him... although he pretty much does that to whomever is not holding him, which sort of makes it a new game for him, lol)
- When I hold my hand out, he'll give me a toy. So smart! :)

Anyways, we are having a lot of fun. We are heading down to see family this weekend in Florida and then he's going to spend the night with Ben's mom the next weekend. His first night away from home! She's been begging to keep him so she can show him off to her friends and I think he can handle it. He's pretty good about telling you what he needs.

He sleeps from 6pm until 7:30 or later (this morning was 8:30!) No wonder the child goes 900 mph when he's awake!

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