Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Bug - 5 weeks


What a month it has been!
LB (which are her initials and also stand for 'little bug' which she gets called a lot :)) started out sleeping wonderfully when we got home from the hospital. 7 hours several nights!! I even called the doctor to make sure it was okay. Week 3 brought us back to reality because she became a normal baby - waking every 2 to 4 hours at night to eat. 
Weeks 4/5 have been similar, however she did sleep 7 hours on Mother's Day, what a wonderful present :) However, last night she was up at 12, 1, 2, 3.... I dreamed I put her in a trash can... How sad is that?! Thankfully I went back and got her out.
It has been a fun month. More so than N's 1st month where I felt like a zombie and didn't remember what happened for 4 weeks I was so tired.
my dad and LB.. too cute

Noccalula Falls

We hit the park last week while N was home avoiding the hand, foot, mouth disease. We played outside a lot, did a few hand/feet print projects (my favorite!), went to my mom's to celebrate Mother's Day. It was a WONDERFUL weekend playing with cousins. I can't wait until LB is old enough to join in the fun. Then this week the girls and my sister-in-law came to us and spent the night.
N loves to play with his cousins and it makes my heart so full to see him have SO much fun with them. 
LB has been pretty content to keep up with all we have to do with N, although I would say the thing she hates most is her car seat - hates it!It will be a long drive to the beach next month....
LB one-month stats from last week:
Weighs about 8 lbs 11oz. 
Hates to have her arms swaddled so we swaddle from the waist down.
Sleeps in her crib (which is propped up on one-side to create a slant as recommended by our doctor - GREAT idea!)
Her eyes are lightening up to a pretty blue, just like big brother :)
Is an excellent nurser - compared to N - eats in about 15-20 min. Typically eats 2.5-4oz per time. 
Laughs in her sleep ALL the time. Hilarious! I can't wait until she laughs and smiles awake. She smiled once a big smile and then the corners of her mouth will go up like she's trying to, but just doesn't get it yet.)
 This is what happens when we do tummy time, N is RIGHT there lol!

 He loves his little sister :)


I am actually going back to work today and tomorrow for a half day, but LB gets to come with me. Next week will be my first day away from her so I can present at a workshop. However, she won't start day care until August which means she will be 17 weeks old when she starts! I am SO thankful for this since N had to start at 8 weeks. My mother-in-law will be watching her some this summer while I work, but my principal said she can come with me as much as she needs to since there aren't any kids at school.  Hooray!

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