Wednesday, November 6, 2013

That next stage

So I think I'm there... At that next stage where I can't really pretend I'm not a real adult anymore. I am 30, with 2 kids, attend a moms bible study and want to be in bed by 8. Lol! When did this happen?!

The past three weeks have intensely done me in, it started with trying to get back into Zumba so I could hopefully get back into my jeans, but then I volunteered to help start an after school program, attend a moms bible study, go to 3 or 4 fall festivals, visit my family, have a child get sick, chaperone the beauty walk and then I get to travel to Dothan for the peanut festival.... Omg.... I need a margarita, but then it would interrupt my nursing and pumping which makes things more stressful... Maybe I just need a personal day and a house cleaner! :) :)

LB is officially crawling as of today! She's been scooting/rocking on all 4s for about a month, but today she had her little hands moving forward one by one. I feel like I already (or still?) have baby fever though because she's growing up so fast. I just want to scoop her out of her crib and hold her all night. I don't know if we'll have more, so I just want to soak her in. Even if that means she's rotten at school from time to time. We DID get a positive report today though. They said she is learning she is not queen bee in there. Whew! At home she's usually pretty good. In bed by 5:45 or 6, 12 hours of sleep, up to nurse at 6 then hangs out in the kitchen until it's time to wake N up. And by hang out it mean yell occasionally or squeal to get anyone and everyone looking at her... Queen bee. She's ready to run and keep up with N that is for sure. She's in LOVE with him and he still loves her right back. ❤️❤️❤️

N on the other hand gets to be free from his boot tomorrow! (It's officially been 2 months since he got his cast on a broken leg.) I am so ready for him to be free from it although it hasn't slowed him down ONE BIT! Dr. A said he couldn't believe how active he was with one leg... Lol, I said that's why he broke his leg to begin with... Busy busy boy.

Life is fun and great and I'm tired, but I'll sleep later. ;) I have a 2 year old and 6.5 month old. Precious sweet blessings. 

Trying to sit up!!!

Chick-Fil-a breakfast date today


Flash dance?

My heart is so full. 
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