Monday, May 24, 2010

Goodbye Lost

It was the end of Lost last night as I'm sure you all know. I have watched it compulsively since the first episode and really have no idea what I'm going to do with my tv life now. I also heard that Flash Forward was being canceled, so now I really might as well just cancel my cable.

As for the last episode of LOST....


Seriously. I'm still confused. Maybe not as much as I was in episode 1 & 2 or the first time we saw the smoke monster, but I have to admit.... I don't quite understand the, 'they're all dead' part. When was it that everyone was dead? Did the 2 worlds intertwine? What about Kate and Hurley who flew away? Where are they going?

Now I am glad that they all reunited and Claire and Charlie got back together. We were missing quite a few from the very end though... And why did Charlotte & Daniel not have memories flood back in?

What about Jack and Juliet's son? and John yelling... you don't have a son! and then he wasn't dead... was he?

Anyways, I think I may have to just rent the whole thing and start over.

What did you think? I'd love some explanations!

When it rains it pours!

I had an interview today!

Thank you for all your prayers. I think I handled it really well. I don't remember stuttering or rambling too much. It was only about 35 minutes, but there were only 8 predetermined questions they could ask (they said to make it fair and standardized). It was a good first interview.

The best part is that today, I received two phone calls for two more interviews!! One tomorrow and one Friday. They are both with someone at a school system, not a direct school like the one today. I may be a little more nervous, but I hope this gets easier.

My supervisor told me last week that the best jobs she's gotten were the ones that came out at the end of the summer. Hopefully I won't have to wait that long, but you never know. It's never the end of the road and at least I can say I've survived my first official counseling interview.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome to the family

It's official.

The little brother is married.

I was told it is a secret, but then I saw she posted it on someone's facebook, so I only keep secrets that aren't on facebook. I made her (actually its for my dad) a video today. (The marriage was a secret b/c they are still planning on having a wedding here in town, but they had to go ahead and get married so she can go with him overseas when he gets his assignment. Something about the timeline.)

My mom called when I sent it to my dad and said "That is so cute, but why this picture or that picture?" I asked, "Did you listen to the song?" and she said, "oh... nope, I'll go try again." So turn your speakers up, otherwise you are just getting a montage of the worst pictures of my family!

Congratulations Chris and Emily!

Full of hot air

I am still working on my year-28-list, but this day should have definitely been on it. You know how much I love hot air balloons right? Say yes. When I see on in the car I am fascinated with it, I of course always take pictures of them while driving or just reduce my speed to see if it comes any closer to where I am. (Have I told you what a great driver I am?)

There was a hot air balloon festival in Tuscaloosa yesterday and I woke Ben and my nephew up at 5am to go! It was a sunrise balloon race (although it was explained to me that hot air balloons don't actually 'race').

Me - very excited!
Austin - pretty excited.
Ben - a little grumpy.
It was so much fun, they let us get up close to the balloons as they were putting them up and taking off. I honestly have no idea how many there were, maybe 20?

A few people almost got hit in the head as they took off.
But it was a wonderful day followed by a baby shower for our neighbors. I didn't even have to work yesterday at my dad's store because we went to the festival. My bank account will suffer, but this was definitely on a list of things to do before turning 28.... maybe made better if I actually got to go up in one?
I did decide that activities like this are MUCH more fun with kids. Austin and I had a great time while Ben grumped to himself (5am and hunger contributed to this). All the pictures of me were taking by my nephew too! He's such a great kid!

*I need your prayers for tomorrow!!! Job related. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


The power is out here in my little part of Alabama. No lights, no air conditioning, no tv, for some reason I don’t even have cell phone service!… Its rather peaceful in an eerie kind of way. I really don’t have much else to do besides use the last of my laptop’s battery and write you a blog!

Well a few things happened to me today that made me realize some things about myself. These may or may not be unique to just me.

I am fascinated and/or intrigued by women who draw on their eyebrows. First of all, I wish it were appropriate to bring this topic up to some people because I have a few questions. Why is it that you first decide to start drawing on your eyebrows? Are there too few hairs and you were trying to fill in the blanks? Too many and you just say heck with it, I’ll just shave them? Maybe they don’t have that swooping Angelina Jolie arch (who does?!) and you think you have a better hand? Seriously, I am just at a complete loss when I see penciled on eyebrows. Have you ever seen any that match either? What do you do when you have gray hair? Draw gray eyebrows??? Nope, usually they are a color the person’s hair formerly was (or they thought it was). Well, for the record, I cannot concentrate on anything someone says when her eyebrows are distractingly, non-color coordinatingly, drawn on.

Also, I realized today, I spend way too much time in public restrooms deciding which stall may be the cleanest. When I go in, I immediately do NOT go in the one I am first tempted to go in because I assume everyone is drawn to that same stall so I must choose the one I am least drawn to go in hoping again, everyone feels the same and therefore there are less germs. Do you think this works? This causes me anxiety though when there is a line and I have no choice which one I get. I have to reluctantly go in the one that opens first and is usually terrible. I am always hoping that it will be the person who was waiting right in front of me because that means that she was the quickest and hopefully cleanest! Well, if there is no line, but a few open, I usually go in one, turn around leave, try another, nope not quite right, poke my head in a third, yikes! Skip that one, back to the first choice, yuck, or just go back outside and tell Ben I just can’t do it, we’ll have to go to the next exit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and because of the wonderful things he does...

I'm back.

To myself that is. Yesterday was a small stumble in the road of faith, but I'm back today. I really did cry out yesterday to God to give me strength and motivation to keep going and he did not hold back.

Today was the end-of-the-year counselor meeting for the county I am interning with and when I arrived I was greeted by several smiling counselor faces that have met me or know me all asking how the job searching was going and telling me of the positions that they have 'heard' will be open. A few of them told me exactly who to call and what to do when they get posted. This gave me hope that there WILL be more job opportunities and that people are rooting for me!

Then I get home and I have several lovely encouraging comments waiting for me in my email box from you guys, who are wonderful! Thank you so much for your prayers through this, I know they are working and definitely keeping my spirits up!

I also received an email from a good friend in a neighboring school district who sent an email directly to a principal on my behalf to recommend me for a position. It was so eloquently worded and she copied her principal and a big-wig at the board too! I almost cried!

God has definitely encouraged and re-motivated me today that the position he has for me is still out there and I have to stay positive!

I also have the hardest working husband I know.

Seriously, while I'm in here blogging applying for jobs he is outside spreading 1 ton of mulch (did I tell you about our anti-poison ivy project?)

When I looked outside at what he was doing I did feel bad enough that I swept the kitchen (overdue by 5 or 6 weeks) and faux-vacuumed the den. Talk about lazy! That is the one thing this job searching has done to me. I am lazy and just want to eat everything in sight. I have picked back up with my walking even when I REALLY don't want to though. I know its important to keep my weight off for baby making sake (PCOS does not do well with weight gain), but I really am a compulsive eater lately.

The good thing is that we are down to the bare bones in the kitchen, so I'm running out of things to eat. Whew! I'm down to a frozen box of uncrustables I got for free a few months ago.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is your principal here?

I went to 4 schools today. Dressed in a suit, prayed and prayed, took a lot of deep breaths and went to ask for 4 different principals because I've been told by EVERYONE that is exactly what I need to do to find a job. The positions that are posted will not still be open after school gets out, BUT since school is in, I was not able to meet or introduce myself to one single person!


I had a mild break down when I couldn't find the 5th school and cried my way home. It really seems that if you don't know someone, you don't get an interview and by the time the 2 weeks are up of the posting, they've already interviewed and hired!

I'm just struggling to encourage myself and encourage Ben that I will find a job and keep my hopes up and be the positive one all at the same time today! Anyways, I just want a job and today I'm going to throw a pity-party about it and make you come.

Let's look back at the past couple weeks since I have finally uploaded pictures...

Aw, it's my birthday again! That makes me feel a little better.
So would eating this whole caramel cake again.
This was our trip to North Carolina. Here is some of Ben's family:
My mother-in-law and I at Wicked!

Are you wondering why there is a power pole at the top? Probably not, but I think its funny. We have a wood pecker problem....look at the picture again and the GIGANTIC hole he pecked in the power pole! You could fit a cat in there.... I really don't know the purpose of wood peckers and this incident doesn't help clear that up at all.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome Friday

I've officially made it through my last first week of interning! I even have a perfectly round number of 220 direct hours! (I know you are thinking, 'huh?') I have to have 240 DIRECT hours with clients/kids/students during these two internships and 360 INDIRECT hours. We log them each week and have to get signatures and all that fun stuff.

Well, I crammed and crammed last semester, doing as many as 10 small groups for several weeks to get hours and of course gain experience (I didn't know what to expect for a summer internship since technically kids are out of school). Plus the actual DIRECT client services are my favorite part of counseling! But I'm glad to have gotten a few more hours this week and I'll breath a HUGE sigh of relief when it hits 240! I am also turning in my very last assignment on June 3. (I've already done it, but it will be out of my hands in just a couple of weeks).

Its exciting!

No news on the job front. Counties have no money.... schools have even less money and there are a ton of cuts going on in the education world. But you know what, God wants me somewhere! He has a plan I'm sure, so I'm just clicking along until then.

It has been a beautiful week this week and I've SLACKED up on my walking and being healthy. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I really could live off of cookies, cakes, ice cream, sugar, and...sugar..... ! If only it was easier. Or I had will power!! :) The new dunkin' donuts in town is just a few miles from my new internship!! Hmm... I have surprisingly resisted for the first 4 days though!

On a really positive note, my skin is doing pretty well in spite of my occasional ice cream cone. I have given up the no-dairy, in case you missed it. Around my birthday I decided after 2 months of no dairy I just wasn't seeing any real strong indication that my skin was any clearer. So.... I now have given up diet soda (which I have been drinking since the age of 10).

Its been since April 23. I tell you though, my skin is looking pretty decent today. (Think like 25 spots instead of 225!) I also switched makeup (BareMinerals) and face-wash (Dermalogica) in the meantime with doing away with diet soda, so I'm not sure which one is making the strongest difference, but I figure all 3 are working thus far, so I'm going to stick with it and see if its a fluke or something real. :)

No babies. No pills. No jobs though. But things are great. I need to reign in a little bit on the budget (I think that and the lack of will power with food are coming from the same place), but other than that, I love my internship and the weather. Things are pretty good for the summer. Maybe I can even blog more than once a week now! On FUN things again?

Have a happy weekend! Thank goodness for Fridays!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 200th Post

This post/blog is so wonderfully written. Please read how Alan is working for God's children in Uganda. This post is wonderful! Share with others too. They need as much support as possible.

New beginings

It's been awhile.

I'm failing miserably with blogging!

Today I started my 3rd and FINAL internship!!! I finished my 2nd one on Thursday and immediately went to my mother-in-law's house for a trip to North Carolina to see Ben's family and the play, Wicked! I planned this weekend back many months ago when I thought I would have the entire week off and I thought a couple days in NC won't be too much. Well, it was very fun, but also a little overwhelming to add to ending an internship and starting another and all the anxiety that I build up around it.

So onto my 3rd internship: It is WONDERFUL! Maybe even the best?

Today was only my first day, but I loved it. Also a huge plus is that they posted an open counseling position for the fall too, so I officially applied today for it with the principal and am just continuing to pray that God will put me exactly where he needs me to be and that I will confidently pursue every job posting until then, because that is a scary part.

So, I have handed my resume to one principal and emailed another (after calling first and being told to email it), but still I feel like I only have a few 'big' calls a day that I can make. It takes so much nerves to make a call or meet with someone that I feel like if I called too many people I might lose it and act like an idiot. Does that make sense?

Well, it's a good thing that there are 5 days in a week because I'm not applying for the next position until tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I'll post pictures from Wicked later. :)
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