Sunday, May 31, 2009

Logan vs. Polaris

Just because I'm so fascinated with how crazy my Logan is... here is her on-going battle with the Polaris at Ben's mom's pool...

Some randoms over the past week

This is Logan riding home from Dee's house. She was really wobbly so I looked back there to see what she was using to stand on and its Sierra! She is standing on Sierra's back to look out the window. Poor Sierra... she's so abused.
Also, I had a wonderful surprise when I got home... 2 years ago I planted some day lilies in my front yard. They normally look like this:But when I got home, I had a new one!!!
What a fun surprise! I wish they all looked like this.
This lilly below is my favorite one, because I bought it on sale for $3, it was shoved under a table nearly dying and had 2 puny stalks on it. I was poor but really wanted a lilly in my yard. Look at what it has become:
Last year it grew so tall it touched the gutters!


I know you guys are dying to have an update on my "lettuce" so here you go:
But fortunatley I did find out why you should NOT plant lettuce in the summer (aside from the obvious picture). Ben's co-worker told him that if you plant lettuce in the spring, it will sprout up really quickly and grow little flowers... (see picture above...) so ben said, hmm... interesting.... (without mentioning that is exactly what ours did). So take note... only plant lettuce in the winter. I should probably read some instructions next year.

A little behind - Memorial Day!

So it rained... a lot...

But then the sun came out for a second...
And then it rained again.... and ben drank margaritas....
Then when there was a break in the clouds, we found uncle joe!
And the day we left, I refused to leave w/o getting a moment of sun... so I floated down our lazy river allll byyy myysseelllff.... yes I'm singing that. But Annie watched me as I floated by and took my picture. :)
All in all, with our without the rain, it was a WONDERFUL weekend and way too short. I'm just glad to know we'll do it all again next year! I love LOVE my family.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, our fostering Lexi has come to an end... Lexi is going to her new home tonight!!!! She should do great, a girl that just graduated college is going to adopt her. She lives with two other girls, so Lexi should get plenty of attention! :) I'm sad to see her go because she is just the sweetest, but I'm really happy for her... 5 months in animal control was just TOO long.

But in honor of Lexi's day today, let me show you what she's been up to...

Last night, while I was running around at 10pm trying to make dips, pack, grocery shop, clean the house, etc. Lexi was in her cage where she is very happy to be. I thought since she was being so quiet she was playing with her toy or sleeping... Well I went in there after awhile to check on her and here is what I found:

Caught red handed! Apparently, I'd put a basket on the floor that had a tank top, a scarf and a box of tissues in it. Lexi had taken all three out and brought them into her cage. Congratulations to Lexi and her new home!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Chocolate Friday!

Could Friday be any better?
Apparently Mars chocolate is proving their chocolate is better than other companies who put vegtable oil in their candy instead of real coco... so they're giving away free chocolate on Fridays until September! Here is the article.
Here's some for you, from me :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ben and I love to grow our own vegetables, for the simple reason of, I'm cheap... and its way cheaper to grow a dozen tomatoes than to just buy one. Well this year our "garden" was unusable because Ben is supposed to be redoing our backyard. He's very slowly building a retaining wall that will hopefully soon make our backyard tiered up our rock mountain and I will be able to plant all along it.
So - this year we planted a few things in some planters out front, thinking all would be well.
Let me show you how my "Romain Lettuce" is looking:
Now, I'm not positive, but I can't really remember seeing Romain lettuce look like this in the grocery store.

Also, please see my second pot of Romain lettuce, that has now grown a twin:
We're attempting to grow cantaloupe for the first time too. Its still a rather small plant, and we were told a great tip from our friends Johnna and Michael: that when (if) we grow cantaloupe to put them in panty hose while they grow to keep bugs and animals from getting to them!
Here is our baby cantaloupe plant so far :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart Dog Rescue is just getting started and is headed up by an awesome woman, Kathryn Haddock! This is who we are fostering sweet Lexie through, while we try and find her a forever home. See Lexie's petfinder page here.

I'm really glad to be able to be a part of the rescue. We've had great support with help from all over the place. My friend Jason donated his time to make a logo! Which is awesome by the way, I'll upload it as soon as he sends me a jpg version. My friend Katie has donated 2 of her adorable dog collars to be raffled off during our garage sale we're having on May 23rd. Here's Katie's site: Coop & Kate. She's incredible! I'm really excited about being a part of Cross My Heart, I now can safely rescue animals instead of bringing home every stray that crosses my path (which tends to make Ben a little grumpy), and I finally use my undergraduate degree :) to help fundraise and plan to raise money and rescue animals.

Let me know if you want to help in any way. Right now we're looking for any donations through our fundable site, and also any items for our garage sale would be great! Garage sale is May 23rd in Hoover, AL.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama and his money

When Ben and I's paychecks went up a couple dollars each week everyone was excited, I however am skeptical and am not spending the "Obama money" that has appeared in our paychecks for fear that I'll have to give it all back come next January. So Ben and I have been just holding onto it in the meantime... well this morning Ben sent me this link:

Which implies that we will most likely owe more than we're used to and in turn have to give Obama back his stimulus money... thanks Obama for the borrowed money, I guess this is why the state of Alabama turned down some of their stimulus money when they found out how much it would cost them.... :-/
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