Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Foster Pup! - Lexie

This is Lexie, she's a sweet doxie mix. I just picked her up yesterday where she had been at Animal Control for over 5 months (well past should've been put to sleep). She is as SWEET as can be and I don't understand how anyone could turn away such a sweet face, but I guess they are probably the same people who can turn away their own children.
She's only 15lbs and the vet said she's had many litters, perhaps she was of no use to her owners anymore... Anyways, she will be staying with us until she finds her forever home! She's MUCH better than our previous foster Abbey. Lexie even sleeps through the night without any howling or hyperventilating! (Thank goodness... I think Ben was ready to put me and the dogs outside if I found another one like Abbey)
We've also decided that our beloved Logie is perhaps half Daschund. We know her mama was a Jack Russel, but have no clue what her dad was... after putting these two together, I'm convinced! Let me know if you know anyone looking for a sweet baby. This one is as good as they come!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Eve

This is what Ben and I's pictures ALWAYS look like. There are 7 more of these in a row! I think I gave up before we got one with his eyes open. This is my almost birthday eve, after a very fun and long day of wedding events... hopefully those pictures will come shortly :) And if you look VERY close you can see my amazing birthday present from my wonderful husband! He gave it to me early so I could wear it during the wedding. Needless to say, I was shocked.

Today I had to spend the 90% of the day working on a project due on Tuesday (last one of the semester) but I had a wonderful surprise from one of my best friends, Aaron:

This cake was especially special because every year I want one of these cakes and yet every year my parents buy me a grocery-store cake which I'm not a fan of. So finally this year, Aaron and Ben bought me an Edgar's cake, which are AMAZING, not to mention gorgeous! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Foster - Abbey

So this weekend Ben and I had our first endeavor at fostering a very needy dog. This one was Abbey, she is 50lbs, black lab, blue tick mix. She was found in south Alabama with ice frozen to her fur because she had no home or anyone to take care of her. She is precious as can be, very sweet and desperatley needs her forever home. I picked her up Saturday night and everything went great. However, we soon found out while we were trying to sleep she hates being in a crate. She cried and cried ALL night until I finally let her out and went and slept on the couch with her on the floor. The next morning I put her back in the crate while we went to church (1hr) and she destroyed the crate, bent the metal and collapsed it in on top of her, but managed to escape. When I opened the door to the room, she was happily sitting on my bed.

Well Ben then put up our outside kennel which took him nearly 6 hours... she was in it for 20 minutes and ripped the chainlink away from the metal post and escaped to happily sit on our porch until we let her in. She really isn't insane except when she's caged.

So sadly, Ben and I were not able to continue to foster her, we found a lady who would take her in for the night and then the rescue group sponsoring her will figure out what to do. She needs to be with someone who doesn't work, or can leave her in their house while they are gone.

Poor Abbey, she needs a home and someone to love her.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our family

The loss of 10 inches...

Well, upon deciding I needed to procrastinate further before studying, I decided to write my first entry into the blog.
I cut my hair!
10 or so inches (it took three trips back to the salon to get it semi-right, so I'm not sure the final total).
But here it is!
(I took it from the webcam, so its not a fabulous pic...)
Anyways, the back is a little rough, but that teaches me to go to the mall (where they still charge $40 for a haircut! Made me think they were going to be professional.... I thought wrong.)
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