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Things three year olds say

Posted Jan. 2, 2015
This age is HILARIOUS!!!
Things N tells me: (I started this last summer... Now is a good time to finish :))

Two years old: When he gets in a hot car he immediately starts groaning/whining, wrinkling his nose and tells me "The sun is in my nose!!!"

My favorite, "I need to hold you mama."

Three years old:
"Daddy, will you wipe the hair off your face so I can kiss you good night?"

"Oh no! A flew almost went in my ear!"(fly)

His slang word is "Taco Bell". Literally. He's never been there yet for 6 months he'll call you a Taco Bell if he doesn't like something. "Aw, Taco Bell!!!" 

Ben: noa h, I'm going to count to three...
Noa h: Taco Bell!

"La yl a Be ss is being a Taco Bell...." 

Kids crack me up!

One year with LB

I'm at month late, but we have had a wonderful year with our sweet girl. She's feisty, yet sweet and snuggly. Well, mostly she's feisty about being snuggly.  Girl LOVES to be held... And eat. 😋
We celebrated her first birthday at Nana's house with a small party but lots of fun. Here are her stats: 

She didn't like her hands dirty. 

LB cracks us up and brings us so much joy. She's a great sleeper and will play independently as long as someone's close so she can get a hug in every little bit. She yells a lot at daycare because they don't comply with her demands (quiet and dark for sleeping, feeding her every single time anyone else in the room eats, holding her every time she needs a hug). When she yells/screams at home I typically put her to bed because I know it means she's tired, but it's not that simple at school. 

She loves her purse or any bag on her arm. 

Getting sprayed by the hose!!

I love that she still loves to be held. N was way too wiggly to snuggle at this age. 

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