Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 I may have added this photo already, but its just so cute. This is from our pumpkin patch visit a few weeks ago.

We have put off our Halloween events, but tried to cram it all in tonight before he went to bed. 

 Helping daddy carve our pumpkin.
 He stuck his hand in for half a second and did NOT like it.
 I love those blue eyes.
 Maybe the pumpkin seeds aren't as slimy?

 This is my favorite. He just LOVES his daddy. 

We didn't go trick-or-treating or any fall festival because N goes to bed so early, but we put our costume on and had a photo shoot running up and down the hallway :)

Here are N's little feet while he's eating dinner. I just think its so funny that he crosses them like this at only 15 months old. Just cute. 

We are a PUPPY DOG!!!
 But we prefer to be a puppy dog without the head.
 He thinks Sierra is chasing him. She is most definitely not.
 Showing off to his new friend in the mirror.

 And finally mama, N and baby bunp.
 What cracks me up about this picture is how it does NOT do the way I feel justice. I think I'm bigger than this picture appears.

I am 15.5 weeks. Just had another doctor appt and all went well. 150 heartbeat, only gained 1/2 a pound!
My conversation with Ben after my appointment:

Me: Hey guess what, I only gained half a pound!! 
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Uh... yeah. Why?
Him: Nothing, I guess your body just..... moved. 
Me: ...... moved?

HA! Honestly I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. And really that means I've just gotten skinnier in other places.... right?? right? Men are so tactful. We get to find out in 3 weeks what new baby P will be. I'm nervous and excited. With N I really didn't have any idea and was TRULY just thankful the baby was okay when we found out what he was at a scary 12 week appointment. With this one, I will have to be patient and wait the whole 18 weeks!! I didn't want to find out what this baby was, but Ben insisted. Now that we have the appointment so close I'm very ready to know too :)

Here's my latest cell phone picture of the belly. With a little N head in the bath tub. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We went to our first pumpkin patch this weekend! N and his cousins had a wonderful time. We also stayed at my mom's all weekend, so we had lots of family time. Since we've moved 1.5 hours away, we don't see everyone as much, so its really good to spend a weekend letting the kids play and have fun together. 

And I am 13 weeks pregnant! Hooray 2nd trimester :) Still sick most days, but having a few good days in there. It is different than my pregnancy with N. Everyone says I'm having a girl this time. I really don't have a hunch yet, but think I've come up with some solid choices for names either way. We find out what baby #2 is the day before Thanksgiving.

 This was while we hit a dead end in the corn maze. I did get talked into going in for a brief minute until I chickened out and went out the entrance. Twenty minutes later my niece and I had to go find the rest of the family because they were still wandering around lost.

 This took many attempts, as soon as we put him down he turned right around to play with the pumpkins. He just needed one to weigh him down so we had a head start before he could get turned around again! 

This swing is so cute. I wish there was a belt or something because he would have stayed on this forever if he hadn't been about to fall off.

 This was our attempt at a family picture. Ava is giving a stink face, Cara's crying, Austin is annoyed and N is the only happy one! Go figure :)

 These are my FAVORITE pictures. The child was so thrilled to slide down the slide!
Even the baby slide makes him happy!

My sweet niece. This was her 'farm' outfit for the pumpkin patch (at a real farm). A smocked dress with a cow and maid on it! N had a bat shirt on with jeans... I'm not sure what I'll do if baby #2 is a girl. Maybe my SIL will just let me borrow all her cutesy girly clothes :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Brother

We are excited that N is going to be a big brother in about 6.5/7 months!! We were (and maybe still are) a little shocked, but so excited. Getting pregnant round 1 took a lot of work and time. This one I had no idea.

I went for my annual appointment and told my doctor I was not having regular periods and had had 2 in about four or five months since I stopped nursing. She asked if I was pregnant, I said, nope! I had taken several tests, knew I wasn't. She asked if I wanted clomid yet since my history is irregular to ultimately zero periods, I told her not quite yet, but I'd call when we were ready. She prescribed me progesterone since it had been 60 days or so since my last period, but said to take one more pregnancy test before I took the medicine. I thought nothing of it.

I actually prayed the entire way home that night that God would tell me when HIS perfect timing was for us to have another child. It is very difficult to have it in my own hands of when to take pills and hopefully get pregnant. I wanted to hear, feel, know when God wanted that to be because trust me, His timing is SO much better than mine. I pretty much just mess things up. So I prayed, out loud in my car for a long time.

who me?!

I got home, didn't even remember right away to take the test. As I was getting ready for bed I saw my stash of dollar general tests and remembered. I have to tell you every other time I've taken a pregnancy test I have anxiously awaited those little lines to pop up, most of the time not seeing the second one. This time I took it and threw it on the counter.

My mother called to tell me my little brother is in the hospital with an appendicitis and asks what I am doing. At that I glanced at the test and my jaw hit the floor. I said, I have to go. I cried. A LOT. I cried because I was SHOCKED. And suddenly I felt like N was so young. He was almost 14 months old. I thought, he's not ready to move downstairs and out of the nursery. He's so TINY! I walked downstairs with the test in my hand and Ben said, is this a joke? I cried again, no joke. He laughed and said why are you crying?! This is a good thing!!! I said are you sure? He said yes, this is what we wanted! (We just never knew it would be so easy this time around.)

After talking with my mom who also assured me how wonderful this would be and that N will be older when the baby finally gets here (clearly I wasn't thinking past the initial moment) and I will be having an end of April baby which lets me take about 6 weeks off and then I have the whole summer off, so new baby will be somewhere near 4 months old by the time I go back to work. Did God know what he was doing, or what?!

I am thrilled now (and was about an hour after the initial shock wore off because yes we were trying to get pregnant and wanted to get pregnant, I just didn't really think it would happen quickly, again... that's what I get for thinking I have ANYTHING to do with it.)

I am 11.5 weeks pregnant, so I didn't ovulate at a normal time, just some random day. Slowly getting over the nausea. I've heard the heartbeat twice and all is wonderful. N will be around 22 months when baby 2 gets here which really is wonderful. He won't remember being an only child and think, what the heck did you do?! ha!

In the meantime, I have been told to keep a journal (which really is my blog) because I will soon forget everything. I need to get on here more often.
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