Monday, March 12, 2012

8 months

I'm laying in our recliner with a sweet 8 month old sleeping on my chest as I'm typing this on my phone. I love days like this. Spring break started this weekend so I have the whole week off. It is much needed too. It's like everyone went crazy at school the last 2 weeks.

Well we made it to 8 months! I haven't gotten his official 8 month picture in yet but lets see if I can remember what all has happened since sweet N turned 7 months.

- he started pulling up to standing position, and just today I found him standing in his crib.
- we went swimming for the first time!
- we no longer use the baby bath tub.
- he still doesn't want to crawl using his knees but this weekend he did attempt it once or twice. He just prefers to drag his body along the ground.
- we made our first trip to Tallahassee!
- he LOVES yogurt and chicken, but eats anything: peas, sweet potatoes, avocados, pears, eggs, anything.
- still a great sleeper.
- has 3 or 4 bottles of breast milk a day. Around 21-25 ounces and eats food 3 times a day. He is much more interested in the food than the milk.
- spent the night out with his DD for the first time (Ben's mom).
- swung in a swing for the first time.
- says 'baba' and 'dada' now though he's not really talking about anything. Just babbling still but they are new syllables.
- LOVES Sierra our white boxer. He laughs at her constantly and feeds her when he's in his high chair since she's as tall as the tray (it's a mini high chair)

That's really all I can think of right now. We celebrated cousin Cara's one year old birthday this weekend so I'll get pictures up from that soon. For now here's what's on my phone:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring is coming, spring is coming!

I think its officially tornado season (if it ever really ends in Alabama...). Which also means its almost spring! I am so glad. I love blooming trees and longer days. We have had a warm winter, but it will be even better to pack up the jackets and not look at them for another 8 months. Yes, you should live in the south too.

We tested out our baby bicycle helmet on Friday in preparation for the severe weather that was predicted. N didn't even mind having it on his head! Praise the Lord we did not need it, but many others weren't so lucky. The weather was pretty bad for other parts of the south.

Today some friends from church gave us an outside swing they weren't using any longer! We had so much fun outside and N loved it!! I can't wait for it to stay warm so we can play outside longer.

N will be 8 months this week, EIGHT! I'll have to start getting ready for that post and I'll try to not take his 8 month picture in the same outfit as the last two. Some how I was looking on facebook and saw I took a lot of milestone pictures in the same shirt. Apparently I like the shirt. This picture cracks me up.

While anticipating spring is fun, it also means that B and I are putting the house on the no-so-wonderful market. I was having a tough time with this because I know that we will have to sell it for less than we bought it for, but after B reminded me that we will also be buying our new house so much less than we would have I feel better. It will all work out I am sure. The Lord is involved so we have no fear. We do have A LOT to do though. Decluttering is crazy. I finally cleaned out my closet and ended up with 3 contractor bags full of clothes I haven't worn in years but was holding onto. Next step is to start packing and put up little items that are just taking up space. I'm not looking forward to the actual selling process and trying to keep the house spotless with a baby and 2 dogs. Yikes! Could be worse, I could have 19 kids and some dogs... :)

One week until spring break!!! :)
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