Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is there a Logan-proof toy?

I really need suggestions.
I have a chew-obsessed dog... Meet Logan.

She can destroy ANYTHING. This was our latest attempt since I bought a floating ball from this brand that lasted a good bit, this one was supposed to be for the toughest chewers. Here is what it used to look like:

Here is what she did to it.This thing is $9! and within a few minutes she had it in confetti-like pieces. This dog loves to chew, and probably needs to for survival, but I cannot find ANYTHING that will last longer than a few minutes/days. Any suggestions? I also tried a Kong (not the classic one) and it was gone in seconds.... If it has a seam, it won't last.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have no idea what to do with this...

This was given to me as a gift...yes a gift... I'm not sure what to think, but yet I wonder who on earth monograms toilet paper??? This is not just printed on there, it is 100% from a monogram machine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can You Grow One? Yes You Can!

Does this really show "pride and support"? Or... vice-versa? I actually can't believe its still being sold!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thrifty Monday

This blog is for you, Matt :) I hope you convince Emily to start cutting coupons when your Publix opens!

Today was a great day at Publix, I had a lot of stocking up to do. Ben has to fend for himself a good bit while I'm in school and I eat a lot of packed lunches and dinners. Unfortunately I couldn't show you what all I bought b/c a lot of it was cold and by the time I got home it needed to get in the fridge/freezer. But.... so you can imagine, here is my receipt. (Ben was cracking up when he saw how long my receipt was)

But here is my final tally!
My buget today was $80, so $9 over budget isn't bad. (I think I saved 56.7%) I now have a FULL kitchen! 6 boxes of green giant veggies, 3 boxes of toaster strudels (free!), 4 stouffer's pizzas, 6 healthy choice meals, 2 bags of Pillsbury biscuits, 2 loaves of bread, 2 bags of asian stir fry meals, 2 large bags of shred cheese, oranges, bananas, 8 yogurts, 2 butters, cream cheese, 2 taco dinner kits, 2 bags of chex mix, 2 bags of goldfish, 2 jars of pasta sauce, 6 cans of soup, 2 cans of almonds, 4 packs of ready serve brown rice, milk, ovaltine (no coupon) gatorade (penny item), 4 cans of shaving gel (the good kind!), toothpaste, tide, bounty, charmin, dog treats, raid, hand soap and 2 FREE publix green bags! So I bought 84 items for $89, like going to the dollar tree!

Is it bad that you can see the last 4 of my card? I hope not. :)

Back to critiquing tapes.... woo!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome back Daniel

The Biggest Loser is one of my all time favorite shows minus one season where a terrible, negative person named Vicky was on there. Ugh... she made me not want to ever watch the show. However, last season was back to normal of positive attitudes and a lot of weight loss. This season starts this week! So in honor of the season premier..... Meet Daniel (on the right)!

He was a contestant last season with his best friend, David. Well David was the crummiest partner anyone could have asked for. David started out weighing 393 and only lost 43 pounds the entire show. I don't think he even gave up smoking. So needless to say, Daniel went home with him even though he tried MUCH harder and ended up losing a total 142 lbs. Daniel's starting weight was 454 pounds, so he lost 31%. Well.... he's back!!!! The new season starts Tuesday at 7pm! This year's theme is appropriately "Second Chances." Thankfully, I have DVR!

Ava Update

Ben and I drove up to Gadsden today to visit Bryan, Jessica and Ava and took some pictures of the sweet girl. She was 5lbs 4 oz on Thursday and they put teeny little casts on her legs. They'll switch them out every week for 4 weeks and they said there should be no other consequences after that! She's still so tiny though!

Ava & Nana

Sleeping girl


Saturday, September 12, 2009


I feel like a lemon today....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

August 7th, 2010

Well just a quick update on my life while I avoid reading. I am way too overwhelmed to comprehend new information right now.

Chicks with Cents

I won the blog hop giveaway over at chicks with cents for posting pictures of my stockpile :) that was a fun moment. $10 publix gift card!! Woop woop!

I am now interning at a middle school two days a week and it is wonderful! I love every moment of it and am scared to death every moment if that makes any sense. Unfortunately though, I am only working 24 hours at the office while trying to make sure I get everything done that I used to get done in a 40 hour week. I wish there was a way to do both. I have class every other Friday/Saturday and every Thursday night as well as meeting with my practicum supervisor on Friday during lunch. Ben and I are working with the youth at church on Wednesday nights where I also am trying to get in service hours and work with a special group of students that come on Wednesdays also. And finally, I take the NCE on October 17th (gulp)!!!! PLEASE pray for me that I will remember everything I've ever learned in the past 2 years for that exam, I think its the most important exam of my education thus far... either that or tied with comps from this summer.

Anyways... this would be the reason I'm MIA on life and may continue to be for another month or two or five. I am so excited though, I feel like God has surrounded me in my life and really has his hands in everything I'm involved in. I constantly pray that I am doing His will and feel that so far I'm on track. I hope this continues and God continues to lead me in a direction that will benefit Him.

My graduation date is August 7th, 2010 (if you want to come! :). So I'm just praying that God gets me alllll the way there! Obviously this is the closest I've been to that date, but it still seems like a lifetime away. What a blessing that day will be!

And to add a picture that has nothing to do with my blog.... here is my precious logan laying on the new bed i got her. i'm not sure she gets it....
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