Tuesday, January 8, 2013

18 Months

I just remembered today was N's 18 month birthday!!! And he's already in bed asleep. Dang it! I thought about it once earlier this morning and thought how I may be a cute mom and celebrate with him tonight... clearly that didn't quite happen.

Quick recap:

Christmas was wonderful! We braved the cold and went to Zoo Lights Safari the weekend before Christmas. It was fun, but my bother was ready to go the whole time (cold? bored? not sure?) so it didn't last long. He kept saying, "The girls are ready to go, we need to hurry..." But they seemed fine to me.

Anyways, then Christmas Eve we went to our new church's Christmas Eve service. It wasn't as good as our old church's service, but it was okay. We sang a few Christmas carols and had communion, then off to the house to eat chicken pot-pie. I really missed the candle light service from our old church.

Cutest toy ever - feed cookie monster cookies, he talks, sings and the cookies go in his backpack. We love him. 

Christmas morning with an 18 month old is much more exciting than with a 6 month old. N liked playing with the toys under the tree, mostly the empty wrapping paper rolls and his new trucks.

My parents, N and I then went to Florida to visit my grandmother for a few days. This was fun, but exhausting because her house is NOT child-proof. I spent a lot of time telling N no, moving objects and cringing at what he put in his mouth... We still had a great time! I was just tired after 5 days. :)

 Alligator Farm

Funny: N has started putting his pacifiers in his pajamas at night. I have NO idea why. A few nights ago he woke up in the middle of the night and wouldn't settle himself down so I went in there and realized he couldn't find his paci. I searched EVERYWHERE. I gave up and gave him another one. The next morning when I took his pjs off it was stuck to his belly where he'd slept on it all night... silly boy. Since then it has happened a few more times, but I caught on. Today in the car he put it inside his jacket and laughed hysterically. Well, yet again tonight - paci in the pjs, but its not as funny because his pjs are zip up so he can't get it back out. Funny things kids do. I just wish I could ask him why he put it in there :)

Update on Baby Girl
- She is still nameless... :( Ben and I can't agree on ANYTHING. I'm taking a naming break for a few weeks. Ben doesn't think its fun to go through 10K names, and him shooting down every name I like isn't fun for me. So I've prayed and will just wait. God will tell us who she is.
- 25.5 weeks along
- I go for my sugar test in 2 weeks.
- I feel like I am as big now as I was with N at 40 weeks. Have I said that a lot? I can't imagine having 14+ weeks to go. I'm going to be HUGE! I do hope she stays in for a while longer though. Due date is officially April 22, it I make it to that day I will still have to take some unpaid leave to get through 6 weeks. So especially for her health and my work-leave, we don't want an early baby girl. :)

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