Sunday, July 12, 2009


So, I've learned I'm not the best blogger. :)
BUT... i'm going to shift the blame to school, studying and work. I took comps this past wednesday and yes they were the hardest exam ever! But just a week before I got to study while on the beach and spend time with my family that I get to see only once or twice a year. I would change that to 100 times a year if I could.

Here are most of us. We are missing almost one whole family here and both my brothers and sister in law.
We also were visted by several manatees:
And Annie took me to universal! This was moments before I almost threw up on a 9 year old. I was very disappointed in myself. :-/

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  1. "Moments before I threw up on a nine year", awesome, that's what real memories are made of!!!!


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