Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here I am!

Due to pure laziness I have no pictures to post, but I do have bedroom furniture and a crib with no mattress!! Yay!! In a quick update, we picked up the crib and dresser we ordered, but I hated the dresser... I was so dissappointed, so we took it back. Now we are waiting on the new one to come in and THEN I'll post pictures :) Hopefully it will arrive before we have a baby. Nothing like cutting things close.

Ben asked when I was going to get the nursery ready. I told him, the bassinet is washed and ready, so I'm good. :) I mean what else do you need to have a baby?! I have a basket of clothes that people have given me, a bassinet and some bottles... I'm good! (I guess I should get some diapers too, they may come in handy...)

I had my 32nd week appointment last week, and everything was great. 140ish heartbeat, which is where he's been sitting for a while now. Head is down and ready! I will be 33 weeks this Thursday and we are already into our 2 week appointments.

Lots of baby movement, stretches and jumps that I can see on the outside of my belly now. And no stretch marks still!!! Woop! Now I'm just trying to ward off any unnecessary pounds by attempting to not eat 43 desserts a day. (Do you know how I remember to spell desserts compared to desert? Because desserts has two 's's.... similarly, I'd like two or more desserts, thanks!)

In school news - tomorrow is our LAST day with students! How is it possible that I survived my first year of counseling?! I hope and pray that I have made a difference in these kids lives. I'll update more later, but will be working most of June since I am a 10-month employee. After I get things wrapped up, maybe I'll have time to reflect on the year behind me and give you some insight.

Happy last week of school!

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