Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Months Old!

My sweet little boy is 5 months old (I'm a few days late).

In the past month he has started eating baby food (mostly orange/yellow veggies), holding his own bottle, finding and putting his pacifier in his mouth and semi-scooting (as in actually tucking his legs under him and trying to push his head along the ground...).

He is still doing great with sleeping (6:30-6:30), waking up every few nights to find his paci, but I don't have to go in there often, if I can stand to wait it out he usually finds it and gets it back in his own mouth.

(Looks so sweet here, like he's consoling his little bear :)

He is very happy! Takes one 2-hour nap a day and a few power naps. He loves the johnny jump-up finally! Well, I should say, likes... not loves. But his feet at least touch the ground and he can actually bounce a bit.

The funniest story from the past month was when B was helping me make some squash baby food (that stuff is expensive!). I had N in the kitchen feeding him while B got out the frozen squash and the magic bullet. I'm telling him that he just use the bullet to puree the food and add water until he gets the consistency of the jar stuff. I hear the bullet starting and then B has a confused look on his face and says to me, "I think we are supposed to let this thaw out before blending it..."

HA! THAW?! I said, I'm pretty sure you are supposed to COOK it, we aren't starting him on a raw food diet yet! Glad I was around or poor baby's tummy would be very upset the next time we fed him... hah!


Silly boys...

Look at that fat belly!

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