Monday, March 12, 2012

8 months

I'm laying in our recliner with a sweet 8 month old sleeping on my chest as I'm typing this on my phone. I love days like this. Spring break started this weekend so I have the whole week off. It is much needed too. It's like everyone went crazy at school the last 2 weeks.

Well we made it to 8 months! I haven't gotten his official 8 month picture in yet but lets see if I can remember what all has happened since sweet N turned 7 months.

- he started pulling up to standing position, and just today I found him standing in his crib.
- we went swimming for the first time!
- we no longer use the baby bath tub.
- he still doesn't want to crawl using his knees but this weekend he did attempt it once or twice. He just prefers to drag his body along the ground.
- we made our first trip to Tallahassee!
- he LOVES yogurt and chicken, but eats anything: peas, sweet potatoes, avocados, pears, eggs, anything.
- still a great sleeper.
- has 3 or 4 bottles of breast milk a day. Around 21-25 ounces and eats food 3 times a day. He is much more interested in the food than the milk.
- spent the night out with his DD for the first time (Ben's mom).
- swung in a swing for the first time.
- says 'baba' and 'dada' now though he's not really talking about anything. Just babbling still but they are new syllables.
- LOVES Sierra our white boxer. He laughs at her constantly and feeds her when he's in his high chair since she's as tall as the tray (it's a mini high chair)

That's really all I can think of right now. We celebrated cousin Cara's one year old birthday this weekend so I'll get pictures up from that soon. For now here's what's on my phone:


  1. Oh my goodness. i cannot handle the nakey baby in the tub picture. Oh my. Makes me want one yesterday!!! ;)


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