Wednesday, July 18, 2012


5 days after we moved into our house I left for Seattle. My college roommate was getting married and my other roommate and I decided to head up there for her wedding. This trip was planned far more in advance than the whole moving situation, so off I went leaving N and B with a half-unpacked house. The nursery and play room were ready though and N's amazing nanny helped Ben while he was at work and even sent dinner home each night. She is SO sweet.

Seattle was a lot of fun. If only Ben and N were in Seattle, I would have loved to have stayed longer. Thursday we arrived and made a quick trip to lunch and mimosas with the bride-to-be, then headed to get ready and meet the rest of the group for a bachelorette party at a dinner theater called, Teatro Zin-Zanni. It was AMAZING!!!! It was a 5-course meal that included an awesome theatrical show that wasn't only just acting, but also a ton of dancing, singing and acrobatics (the kind on trapeze and ropes!) And it wasn't like this was a large place. This was all happening just a few feet from us or above our heads. Seriously, if you ever go to Seattle, San Francisco or Costa Mesa (?) you must go!
After that we hit up a karaoke venue and happened to see bicycle lacrosse, I mean, wow... talk about muscle, I couldn't even manage to do either of those separately, much less together in competition with other people.

The rest of the trip was filled with wedding fun, a duck tour of the city, some super fancy fu-fu food (I'm more of a grilled cheese kinda person), the largest crab legs I'd ever seen, and lots of fun. I really enjoyed the trip, but was so ready to come home to my family and new house.

Side note: I was amazed and mostly confused about the level of recycling, composting they do! Compostable water bottles, trash bags, etc. it was serious business! We don't even have recycling pickup.

Anyway, next trip I hope will be with N and Ben to Charleston. Any thoughts?

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