Sunday, September 16, 2012

Great place to be.

This has been such a fun stage that N is in. He is 14 months old. Not quite making sense when he talks, but talks constantly none-the-less. He says a few words like ball, bye-bye, ruff-ruff. Ha! 

 Ben came home with a wagon from Craig's list the other day and N is just thrilled with it. The child LOVES being outside. He would stay out there ALL DAY LONG if it were up to him. 

Thankfully the weather has been awesome, we just have to deal with the TERRIBLE mosquitoes.  Check out this picture below with a mosquito attacking N's head while I take pictures... poor pumpkin.

We feel like the house is FINALLY coming together. The wonderful home inspector fell off the face of the earth before paying us our money for our botched plumbing, so we still have to deal with that, but I am at such peace with it. God will handle the situation just as he has done every step of the way. And, you may be aware that our insurance agent dropped the ball and told us we had 2 weeks to put up a fence around our above-ground pool that the previous owners built into a hill....or we would lose our home owner's insurance. Well I was so mad about it, but again, God prevailed and Ben was able to put up a little deck and fence for less than 1/4 of the price that our quote was when we were looking for someone else to do it. Plus, I really did want a fence all along, I just didn't know it 2 weeks was possible to do so!  Now, N can't get in the pool if he happens to escape! And maybe that was God's plan the whole time, to get it finished already! :)

Pre-fence - riding with daddy. 
Post-fence below - at night - I know, but I'm not patient enough for my photo stream to catch up for the day-time picture. You get it :)

 Laundry baskets are one of our favorite items in the house. We load them up, dump them out and push/pull them from every end of the house.

Loving on Sierra. Sierra is just starting to tolerate him. 

This is one of my favorite pictures. This bear is our new friend Ben's mom brought to us a couple weeks ago. He's HUGE! N loves to read, although his reading entails looking at pictures and turning the pages. I'm thrilled that we've gotten that far. He'll sit in my lap for me to read a very short book or a couple of pages, but then has to get up again. The child is ACTIVE, but so much fun and so sweet.


  1. I can not even wrap my head around how big he has gotten! Miss you :)

  2. Noah is so cute! And...that pool is awesome! I like it w/ the fence around it! Glad everything is working out! :)

  3. He is just so precious lady! And I think the fence solution turned out great!


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