Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We went to our first pumpkin patch this weekend! N and his cousins had a wonderful time. We also stayed at my mom's all weekend, so we had lots of family time. Since we've moved 1.5 hours away, we don't see everyone as much, so its really good to spend a weekend letting the kids play and have fun together. 

And I am 13 weeks pregnant! Hooray 2nd trimester :) Still sick most days, but having a few good days in there. It is different than my pregnancy with N. Everyone says I'm having a girl this time. I really don't have a hunch yet, but think I've come up with some solid choices for names either way. We find out what baby #2 is the day before Thanksgiving.

 This was while we hit a dead end in the corn maze. I did get talked into going in for a brief minute until I chickened out and went out the entrance. Twenty minutes later my niece and I had to go find the rest of the family because they were still wandering around lost.

 This took many attempts, as soon as we put him down he turned right around to play with the pumpkins. He just needed one to weigh him down so we had a head start before he could get turned around again! 

This swing is so cute. I wish there was a belt or something because he would have stayed on this forever if he hadn't been about to fall off.

 This was our attempt at a family picture. Ava is giving a stink face, Cara's crying, Austin is annoyed and N is the only happy one! Go figure :)

 These are my FAVORITE pictures. The child was so thrilled to slide down the slide!
Even the baby slide makes him happy!

My sweet niece. This was her 'farm' outfit for the pumpkin patch (at a real farm). A smocked dress with a cow and maid on it! N had a bat shirt on with jeans... I'm not sure what I'll do if baby #2 is a girl. Maybe my SIL will just let me borrow all her cutesy girly clothes :)

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