Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Lovin'... Had Me a Blast

Life is great! I am currently recovering from working three 10-hour days with my little bug. It has been a long week, but it is a blessing I can take her to work with me while Ben's mom traveled to Italy. I have been trying to catch up on blogging since we've had so much fun the past few weeks. We have played outside a lot, running around aimlessly. :)
My sweet helper & me giving LB a bath.  

We spent Father's Day at my parents house with my parents and older brother's family. We attempted to get a new picture of all the grandkids now that LB is here... here is a typical shot - Casino (the white dog) photobombs EVERY picture, LB looks like she's falling out and half the kids aren't looking. Hilarious!
Ava, my oldest niece, LOVES frogs. Here she caught one and was showing me, N thinks its hysterical... he likes frogs as long as someone else is holding them. 

We then went to my grandmother's house last week with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, 2 nieces and nephew. It was a crazy blast. My nieces are 90 mph most of the time and N is usually 20 feet behind trying very hard to keep up. He LOVES them. He thinks they are both named 'Cara' although only one of them really is. He asks about Cara every day and when he sees a little red-headed girl, he says, CARA!!! 
 LB & Great-Grandma Ocean

Fishing off the pier

Even LB is fascinated with Cara.

LB was wonderful at the beach. All 4 of us slept in one room which made me very nervous at first that no one would get any sleep, but everyone did great! N was so worn out every day that he gladly got in bed with his paci and LB has gotten herself into a little routine which I am loving. The sleep training hasn't been 100% since we went on vacation, but the part that we worked on prior to going was her laying in her bed and putting herself to sleep which is going really well! I lay her down after her last feeding and she'll wiggle and talk for a few minutes before her little arms go above her head and out she goes. Presh. She's still waking up once, sometimes twice a night, but nurses quickly and goes back to bed. I really can't complain. 

 LB & Nana

Anyways, the beach was a blast, we stayed up late, rode bicycles, played in the sand, watched for lizards and manatees and really just had a great time together. 
My favorite little hoarder

We have about a month and a half left before school starts back 5 days a week and I am so eager to fill every day until then with fun memories. I am thankful that I have tomorrow off though so I can mentally catch back up. We have our first neighbor play date Friday so I'm excited to get to know some of our new neighbors. Then next week we may head to North Carolina to see Ben's grandparents for a couple of days and introduce LB. Lots of exciting things!

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