Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday N!

N turned 2 a couple weeks ago so I want to give him his own post that I can look back on and remember where he was at just 2-years-old.

He successfully blew out his candles at each one of his celebrations :)
We started celebrating his birthday in North Carolina, then had our own little birthday celebration on his actual day at home and finally had his 'party' this past weekend at our house with a few friends including his BEST friend (and cousin) Cara.

At N's 2-year-old check up he was 36" tall (90th percentile), weighed 27.5lbs (50th percentile) and had a 19" head (50th percentile). These are our typical percentiles and we suspect he will be tall like his dad (6'4"). He wears mostly 3T now. He was also cutting his 2-year-old molars, which I had no clue. He's done great with them minus a low-grade fever (typical) which then caused him to get heat rash ALL over his body after he played outside in the heat with the fever. (Didn't realize until after the heat rash that he had a fever :(

Pancakes, cool whip & sprinkles for birthday breakfast! Sierra wants some too :)

The doctor asked if N could say 20 words which made me laugh. I said um, more like 2000 words? N will repeat EVERYTHING you say, but also uses around 90% of what he says in the correct context. Even words like again, after, echo, no its not, i like it, i not reach it, help mama, bless you mama, thank you, no thank you, where are you, what are you doing, where are you going, etc... Talkative is an understatement. :)
He is still taking a 2-3 hour nap during the day and sleeps generally 12 hours at night still, although his can be flexible if we are doing something fun and keep him up later. N is not the best eater though, but the doctor said it was completely normal. He has days where he eats a ton and then won't eat barely anything for a day or two. He is very picky too. He likes yogurt, cooked carrots, chicken salad, chicken enchiladas (home made), ALL snacks & sweets, watermelon and cheese. HA! That's about it.
Opening DD's present
He is officially pacifier-free too! I was not ready for this at all, but the doctor told us the sooner we do it the easier it will be on him. Ben made the decision on Sunday that would be the day and so today was 5 days without it! Whew. He had a few moments of sheer sadness when he couldn't have it, but really he's done great. AND now we can put footed pajamas back on him! For some strange reason he would put his paci inside his pajamas and when he had on footed pajamas he couldn't get it back out... which would mean at 2am he'd cry for us to come get it out for him... thus we stopped putting those pajamas on him so his paci couldn't get trapped. Silly boy.

LB even got in on the fun
The past 2 years have been so much fun with this precious boy. He has such a kind heart. LOVES his sister. His teacher told us he talks about her at school all the time. The teacher said she didn't know her name though since all N calls her is 'baby'. Today I took LB to school to pick N up and when I opened the door all the kids came running to see her. N got so worried telling them all NO! NO BABY!! and trying to keep them from grabbing her. It really was precious to see him be protective of her. He even reminds me to put the baby in/out of the car (not that I need reminding) - he will tell me as soon as I put him in or get him out, "get baby mama".

There are no words to explain the joy we have that God allowed us to raise N. He is fun, smart, kind, somewhat passive, can be wild and crazy, is so funny (he says all the time 'I funny mama"... "uh, no throwing your food at the dog is not so funny N..."). We just LOVE LOVE LOVE him to pieces. He loves to rock and sing songs before bed and this is one of my favorite moments as he lays his head on me, mumbles the words along with me and sings. Sweet child.

Happy Happy Birthday to you!

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