Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Things three year olds say

Posted Jan. 2, 2015
This age is HILARIOUS!!!
Things N tells me: (I started this last summer... Now is a good time to finish :))

Two years old: When he gets in a hot car he immediately starts groaning/whining, wrinkling his nose and tells me "The sun is in my nose!!!"

My favorite, "I need to hold you mama."

Three years old:
"Daddy, will you wipe the hair off your face so I can kiss you good night?"

"Oh no! A flew almost went in my ear!"(fly)

His slang word is "Taco Bell". Literally. He's never been there yet for 6 months he'll call you a Taco Bell if he doesn't like something. "Aw, Taco Bell!!!" 

Ben: noa h, I'm going to count to three...
Noa h: Taco Bell!

"La yl a Be ss is being a Taco Bell...." 

Kids crack me up!

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