Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Foster Pup! - Lexie

This is Lexie, she's a sweet doxie mix. I just picked her up yesterday where she had been at Animal Control for over 5 months (well past should've been put to sleep). She is as SWEET as can be and I don't understand how anyone could turn away such a sweet face, but I guess they are probably the same people who can turn away their own children.
She's only 15lbs and the vet said she's had many litters, perhaps she was of no use to her owners anymore... Anyways, she will be staying with us until she finds her forever home! She's MUCH better than our previous foster Abbey. Lexie even sleeps through the night without any howling or hyperventilating! (Thank goodness... I think Ben was ready to put me and the dogs outside if I found another one like Abbey)
We've also decided that our beloved Logie is perhaps half Daschund. We know her mama was a Jack Russel, but have no clue what her dad was... after putting these two together, I'm convinced! Let me know if you know anyone looking for a sweet baby. This one is as good as they come!

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  1. Awww, are so sweet! Those doggies are so lucky to have ya'll!


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