Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Eve

This is what Ben and I's pictures ALWAYS look like. There are 7 more of these in a row! I think I gave up before we got one with his eyes open. This is my almost birthday eve, after a very fun and long day of wedding events... hopefully those pictures will come shortly :) And if you look VERY close you can see my amazing birthday present from my wonderful husband! He gave it to me early so I could wear it during the wedding. Needless to say, I was shocked.

Today I had to spend the 90% of the day working on a project due on Tuesday (last one of the semester) but I had a wonderful surprise from one of my best friends, Aaron:

This cake was especially special because every year I want one of these cakes and yet every year my parents buy me a grocery-store cake which I'm not a fan of. So finally this year, Aaron and Ben bought me an Edgar's cake, which are AMAZING, not to mention gorgeous! :)


  1. I just laughed out loud at your parents always buying you the grocery store cake and you not liking it! What a sweet friend Aaron is! AND what a sweet husband to give you such a pretty necklace:)Troy has a problem with picture taking too. These husbands of ours better get their picture skills together cause there will be lots of pictures taken on our trip!

  2. Gorgeous cake, necklace and cousin!


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