Sunday, August 30, 2009

My couponing paying off

Over at Chicks with Cents, they are doing a blog hop on people's stockpiles. They've talked about organization too but without actually having a pantry, I have no organization other than just finding a spot! So just to show you what all my couponing has done (i'm pretty sure ben and i could eat for 2 months w/o going to the store) Here you go:
Not sure if you can tell but above my cabinets are 6 boxes of mac/cheese and there are more in the cabinet! (They were free after coupon at publix a couple months ago).

Here is my other cabinet: 4 things of mayonnaise, 6 dressings, 2 A1 sauce, 2 syrups, 2 crystal light, bbq sauce and enough hot chocolate for the winter. I need someone to come over to eat pancakes! It is a rarity that I cook them, but how can you pass up $.50 pancakes/syrup! (i'm just guessing that was how much it was awhile back because I wouldn't have bought it otherwise)

Here are my purchases today. I am not even close to being as good as the amazing girls at Chicks w/ Cents or Southern Savers, but I was pleased... Spent $31 and saved $50! The penny item was greenwise TP, hiding behind the potatoes. And there is my sweet Sierra dog poking her head up for some South Beach granola bars.

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