Sunday, August 9, 2009

This weekend

Very eventful.... or rather uneventful weekend?

Friday night we planned on having Chris' going away party, since he was scheduled to go into the Marine's on Monday. Well... this week, his recruiter postponed Chris' leave date for the second time and said he couldn't leave until February! (Keep in mind he signed up this past February! You'd think they'd jump on people signing up... ) Anywhoo... Chris and his girlfriend forgot to cancel his party, so we still had his going away party w/ all his friends and our family. :) He is trying to sign w/ the army to leave sooner, but apparently that is more trouble than it sounds, so its completely up in the air now as to where he is going and when, but he WILL go somewhere... sometime!
Here is Stevie at the going away party. I'm pretty sure those are woman's glasses.

So... Saturday, Ben and I were scheduled to go up to Tennessee for some important family stuff. But... before we left that got canceled as well. We were schedule to make several stops in Tennessee during the day and found out our plans were all going to be interrupted, so Ben canceled it all and we spent the day w/ his mom instead, which was much less stressful! Here is Logan wishing we would let her out of the car...
Sunday! Today was cleaning, Publix (saved $57, spent $60 - not my best), and movies! I took a break to go get a Sunday paper filled w/ coupons and instead found this little baby:
This poor baby was wandering in the highway and the gas station attendant said she'd been there all day dodging cars! So I bought a few slim jims and coaxed her into letting me pick her up. She's now (hopefully sleeping) in our garage. The funny part is, Ben's yelling at me saying "we can't keep her!!!" while petting her and talking baby talk to her. He wants to not love them all so bad! lol. If you know of anyone missing this dog, let me know!

Next weekend should be fun, Friday - Paint & Party! Saturday - Puppies & Jesse's CD Release Party at workplay! Sunday... studying for the NCE.

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