Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Nursery - Before

Now that we are in the middle stages of the nursery, I thought I'd share some before and mid- pictures so you know what we've had to work with and the new wonderful paint color! (Thanks to my dad for coming and painting in just a few hours).

This was actually after we had cleared A LOT of stuff!

Yes, that was the first crib we bought. Ben decided he needed something MUCH sturdier so we sold it. For a $10 profit :)

Mid - we had moved out a lot of junk!! (into my mom's attic)

Original color: Bunny Gray

Current - An empty room! Looking much better!

New Color: Ashley Gray!!

More pictures to come, hopefully we will get furniture soon and be able to put pictures back up. I've moved the two shelves back in, but it won't look complete without a crib and dresser. I can't wait!!

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