Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter & spiders....

Today has been a great day! Amazing God, great service, great weather.

We went to our typical 9 am service and Ben's mom joined us, then went out to lunch for mexican. I tried to clean the house some (I'm working on doing a few things a day instead of tackling the whole house lately) and went for a walk to enjoy this gorgeous day we've been given.

Grossest moments of my day: Finding the biggest spiders I've EVER seen in real life in/around my house. Seriously. Ben has been working on our yard and sprayed a new bug spray in the yard to keep fleas and ticks out for our doggies and apparently spiders hate it. I came back from my walk and saw one that was 3 inches wide with a body that was all different colors and looked like it would have babies if you stepped on it.... gag. I would have taken a picture for you except I was more worried about it eating Logan.

Anyways, still trying to get over that.

Now that Easter is here, I've been reflecting on how we did these past 40 days for lent in our goal to be less like ourselves and more like Jesus. We did manage to keep our lives iPhone game free, which was great, but we totally slacked on adding daily scripture like we had planned. Today though when I was sitting on the couch, I picked up my iPhone and thought, "Oh yeah, I can download my junk again, " and really had no desire to at all, I thought about what a waste it is/was. So I'm going to continue to work on avoiding wasting time and still work on adding daily scripture with Ben and soon to be child. We also have a new Sunday School coming up at church about having a sacred marriage and I am thinking that we will try that. We have never been active members of a Sunday School because we have been teaching it instead, but I'd really like to be part of one too. (And we will be taking time off from teaching once the baby comes).

I am so thankful for our Lord and Savior on this day and every day. I pray that the Lord will bless you and your family today and each day. Happy Easter!!

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  1. Amazing the things that we can live without when we give it up for awhile! Oh by the way, we get tons of spiders at my house too and I abhor them! So I know what you mean!



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