Friday, July 1, 2011

38 weeks

Its funny, how quickly I can go from the bliss of pregnancy to, okay... I'm done!

I still have 2 weeks to go, but I am REALLY ready to meet him!! Its not that I assume I'll go into labor early, but the part that is killing me is I'm off work and this time could be WITH him getting to know each other! I don't want him to come early if he is not ready of course, but I am ready for him to be ready!!

Yesterday's appointment was not too exciting. I really was hoping to keep progressing even if it was just 1 more cm, but she said there wasn't much progress. I think she wanted to make me feel better so she said I could be 1.5cm! At least I didn't go backwards right? I also forgot to ask how big I was measuring, but I'm sure I'll be back there next Thursday at 39 weeks so I'll find out then. I've even been walking every day for weeks now and sit on the exercise ball when I'm watching tv and all of the other crazy myths out there to hope for progress, but apparently they don't work and I'm tired of eating jalapenos. (I will NOT try castor oil.... YUCK!) I have not even had very many braxton hicks contractions in over a week and a half. Probably the reason for no progress, but I don't know how to make them come back.

I did LOSE 3lbs though!! That is definitely something to celebrate :) I'm not nearly as swollen as I had been since I'm not sitting at my desk during the day, so I'm sure that is the reason.

Anyways, I pouted for a few hours minute, but I'm back to trying to stay active today - I know it will make me feel much better whenever he is ready to make his grand entrance! :)

38 weeks and no makeup:


  1. Those last few weeks are the worst, especially if you start maternity leave. You clean and organize way more than you need too ;)

  2. You look so cute, girl! Hopefully he will be here VERY soon so you can meet that handsome boy of yours. :)


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