Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm really catching up on blogging this week! I thought I'd participate in this week's 5 Question Friday from My Little Life.

1. If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you?

Never, ever, ever, ever! I used to want to skydive, back when I was having a quarter-life crisis, but that faded quickly when I became scared of dying again. In fact, I'm so panicked about dying sometimes that if Ben drives too fast on a scary bridge I've been known to lose it a time or two.

2. Would you rather go to the movie theater or to the drive-in?

Well, I think a movie theater, but I've never been to a drive-in. There are a few in our area (which means within 45 minutes or so), but I've never had a desire to go. The movies has really good popcorn too, yum!

3. Do you have your groceries delivered?

Uh... no. Does anyone?? That would probably help out with the budget if I didn't have to walk down the isles being tempted by cookies and ice cream!

4. Eyebrows: Do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au naturel?

Pluck. I turn into a tomato if I get them waxed and it usually takes a day or two to subside.

5. Would the people you went to high school with be surprised by your life today?

Probably not since we are all stalkers on facebook. I mean really, would anyone be surprised by anyone if you are on facebook? Pretty much takes the mystery out of it. We actually have our 10 year reunion coming up and I can't help but think that I already know what everyone is up to b/c of facebook. Granted, I'd still like to actually TALK to those people, so I may still go.

Link up and play along. Happy 4th of July weekend!

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