Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little brother update: coming home from Iraq

My little brother has been in Iraq since May and before that was in Texas, so he has yet to meet his new niece and nephew.

We are SO thrilled he will be coming home this coming week if all goes as expected!!

Unfortunately though, we found out last week he had been in the hospital with an appendicitis. His wife hadn't heard from him for several days and was getting very worried. Finally someone called after he'd been in the hospital for 3 days and told her where he was and what he was in for, but it turns out they can't do appendectomies in Iraq.... so my poor little brother has a rotten appendix in Iraq where it is 120+ degrees and is still working (going on missions and keeping things safe). How miserable does that sound?

Please pray for his strength to get through this and that he will be able to come home this weekend. He will only have 10 days off before he has to report back to Iraq and in that time has to have his appendix removed. Y-U-C-K. We are excited to see him though and for him to meet his new family members!

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  1. How wonderful that he gets to come home for a little while! I will certainly be praying for him and a safe surgery as well! ~Mandy


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