Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hi ho hi ho, its off to work we go

I've been back at work now for 6 days. I started on September 1st, so I only worked two days last week and had a 3 day weekend, then a 4 day week this week. This coming week will be my first full 5-day week back.

It has gone better than I expected. I let myself be very anxious about how I would get everything done during the day and find time to pump and function when I may not get a great night's sleep. Actively listening to people all day long takes a lot of energy... you'd be surprised... One thing I learned last year is that I cannot be the best counselor if I am so tired I can't stay focused on what a student is talking about and truly listen while also paying attention to things that they are not saying, like body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc.

I only had one day this week that I didn't get to pump in the afternoon. I am trying to do so twice a day and also on my way to work so that there is only 3-4 hours in between. After missing the afternoon time this week I decided I will just have to schedule myself appointments to do so because otherwise, there is always something that comes up, middle schoolers have a lot of 'crises'!

Ready for school! It was 50-something degrees outside.

N has done well at day care. He is staying at a lady in our neighborhood's home. She keeps 6 kids and she has 3 new babies, whereas she used to have 3 four-year-olds who went off to kindergarten. So she has an 18-month old, 14 month-old, 10 month-old, two 7 month-old twins and a 2 month old. I know that is a big difference and will be a big adjustment for her, hopefully things will go okay for N even though he is the smallest and not always the squeakiest wheel.

We also had his 2 month doctor appointment 2 weeks ago. He was 50th percentile for everything, doctor said he is the 'average white boy', ha! He was 10lbs 2 ounces and 23.5 inches long.

We haven't had too many more milestones this past month except he smiles all the time. Mostly sleeps from 7 or 8 until 1 and then wakes up with me at 5. The funniest part is on the nights when its Ben's duty, N always sleeps through the night!! I don't get it! Last night since it was Friday and I REALLY needed to catch up on sleep, Ben was going to bottle-feed him so I could only wake up to pump when I needed to. Well sweet little baby slept from 9 until 6 this morning! Which is amazing, but I'm going to need him to do this on MY nights!

Here is the best 2 month picture we took:
Taking pictures after day care and work and when a baby is very sleepy does NOT work.

Out to eat at Chuy's on Labor Day

War Eagle!!!

We are having a wonderful Saturday: getting to sleep in and pulling for our tigers to beat Mississippi State! Love it!

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  1. The second picture is my favorite so far I think! Wyatt always sleeps better on the one day a week Jud has to get up with him. I swear they conspire the night before! I'm so glad to hear the home to work transition is going so well! Congratulations!


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