Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 months!

Happy 3 month birthday to my sweet boy!

What we've been up to in the past lately:

N has been rolling over both directions for 2 weeks now!

He has been mostly sleeping through the night since 9 weeks. We had a momentary hiccup for a few days where he was waking up and wanting his paci or I would need to rock him, but we are back to sleeping from approximately 8pm to 5am (I usually wake him up to feed him at 5am, because I have to pump and it makes my morning routine before work go much smoother when we do it at the same time.)

He sleeps in his crib at night no problem, but we are still trying to figure out the napping thing. He naps in his nap-nanny in the morning while I get ready, but he does NOT like to nap in his crib.

Several times this week when I've gone to get him up in the mornings he is on his tummy! The doctor told us we have to flip him back over on his back when we find him asleep on his stomach, this wouldn't be so terrible except we have a video monitor so I see him on his tummy all the time! Which means I have to get up and flip him a couple times a night. My mom said to quit and just lay him on his back and let him be, and really if I didn't have the video monitor, I'd have no clue he was on his tummy. BUT.... I do know and I'm still too nervous to leave him there since the doctor told us to flip him over.

N can hold his paci and had one attempt to actually put it in his mouth, but flailing ensued and he ended up frustrated. It was still rather cute.

He found his feet! He lifts his little legs up in the air all the time and this week reached out and grabbed them. Its so funny how the tiniest accomplishments make my day.

He is eating 6 times a day still, 30 ounces of breast milk (Hooray! This was one of my main goals to make it to!). (The hiccup in our night sleeping was when I tried to push him to 5 feedings a day because he was acting so tired at night, but that didn't work for us just yet.)

We started at a new 'day care' 2 weeks ago. He was at an in-home daycare with 5 other babies, but we've moved him to a one-on-one nanny-type situation with a lady who picks him up from my school and drops him off in the afternoons. She LOVES him and it could not be any better for us right now! I am very thankful to have found this wonderful woman to watch him.

He smiles ALL the time! He has laughed out loud a few times. I can't wait for him to laugh all the time :)
He loves his baths - this is an understatement.
Loves to suck on his hands.
Prefers to never have his clothes changed. :)
Loves to lay on a blanket or the floor play mat and kick and talk.
Has discovered his voice and loves to yell!
Weighs almost 13 pounds.

We are so thankful for this sweet blessing. Ben is doing great. It is so sweet to see him as a dad. He is a wonderful father. I on the other hand am struggling. I am UNBELIEVABLY tired, even with N sleeping through the night. I am thinking maybe my iron levels are off or something because it feels like mono-tired. (I'd say pregnancy tired, but then everyone would ask if I was pregnant again, which I am not. :) Other than that, things are great, work is crazy busy, but it is falling into place with everything else.


  1. Our dr told us as soon as the can roll over not to worry about them sleeping on stomach. But seriously do what you feel comfortable with!!! He is so stinking cute d!
    The napping in his crib will come. I was adamant and so worried that I forced gray to. With ally I just kind of gradually did it much easier! I "think" it came between 3-4 months but I could be wrong. And actually might have been when she could put her Paci in her mouth and self soothe. I think tiredness comes with nursing. It does get better!!! But if not talk to you dr.

  2. I agree...nursing wears your body out. That on top of being a mommy, working, etc...its normal to still be so tired. Plus, it takes a while for your hormones to get back to normal too, so that probably isn't helping. It will come though, with time. You are doing great! I am so proud you are still nursing/pumping as I know how HARD it is to be a working mommy! N is absolutely adorable...I must see him soon! Love ya!


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