Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pinterest Fail

I love Pinterest, as I'm sure almost all of you do too. Here's the thing about Pinterest. It makes me feel pretty incompetant. I mean seriously... how are people so crafty?! I read 'the easiest homemade skirt tutorial' the other day and had to give up after the first two instructions. I literally didn't understand at all what it was saying to do.

Well, one of our pastors sent me this picture (below) on there and said she thought of Noah when she saw this. Its pretty dang cute! I thought, I can do this, I mean how hard is it to cut a few holes and stick your baby in?! right??


Very wrong...
N thought I was making the pumpkin eat him or something... Screaming bloody murder. I'm surprised DHR wasn't called.

Lesson learned - there are very few things I can do on pinterest. Actually, I have only found one: 3 ingredient Nutella cookies... well no, nevermind....Ben made those, not me... so maybe I'm back to none.)


  1. You did not fail. This just made it into my board for what makes me smile today. It's a classic for the baby books. Thanks for the te=he this afternoon.

  2. This is absolutely hilarious!! He's still cute, even when he's mad! Thanks for sharing!

  3. too funny! when you see that happy pinterest baby and then see noah, you cant help but laugh! It sums up pinterest and the same with Etsy, how are these people so crafty and we are so not? love it.

  4. Poor baby, but really made my afternoon. Thanks for posting. and on a sidenote, something like this would happen to me too.

  5. Oh my gosh. This is awesome! Can't stop giggling.

    Please check out my "Your Pin Broke" blog and submit your Pinterest fails.


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