Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20 weeks with baby girl

20 weeks and 2 days

This pregnancy is so different from my first. Number one I am itchy as itchy can be. Everywhere... my arms, chest, back, legs, hands, feet!!!! ITCHY! My doctor said.... "eh, just a pregnancy rash... hang in there." Sheesh! Then Saturday night at 2am I actually drove myself to the ER for what was either the most incredible heartburn I've ever had in my life or a gall bladder attack. Either way pain level was a 9 out of 10 and I needed it to stop! Nothing really came of it other than at 6am the pain finally subsided on its own... (or the half a bottle of tums, mylanta, pepcid, nexium I had tried the day before finally kicked in).

Baby girl is treating me very differently from her brother. Ben felt her kick for the first time last night! Much earlier than with N. She's not kicking constantly yet, or at least I'm not feeling it. I'm sure that will change in the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to her hiccups :)

As of this morning I've gained about 10lbs (on my scale). I can't remember the doctor's update and don't go back for a few weeks. I'm sure its contributed to the past 2 weekends of not being able to eat/keep food in me, but I was sure I'd be at 20lbs by now.

So we need a name... and we have none. Or I could say we have all. Because literally we have a ton on the list, but nothing we LOVE. And nothing that works with the bad habit of adding 'ie' to the end of any one in our house.... think: Logan has become Logie.... no, I don't know why.

Help me out, give me some names! I have no updated bump pictures (its already starting, baby girl has less pictures than N), but I'm big. Maybe you can tell in this picture. Praising the Lord for just small little bumps in the road and that mostly all is well with this little pumpkin and her pregnancy. :)

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