Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First day of school

N started a new school today. He has been with Linda since he was 10 weeks old and now at almost 17 months, God showed us that we're ready for pre-school. I cried... he didn't. Until the fire drill. On his first day. The teacher actually explained that he cried a little about the fire drill until he realized he got to go outside. But then, after the fire drill they had to go BACK inside... that's when he really cried. This child wants to pitch a tent and live outside. He doesn't mind if he falls and busts his face as long as he's on the way to a playground... coming back inside however if you look at him funny he'll lose it.

They said he also wanted his sippy a lot throughout the day instead of at their 'snack and lunch' times.... well the child has had a sippy all day every day for 6 months. That may take some getting used to that he can only have it at certain times.

I packed enough stuff for him to stay 2 weeks, and the teacher probably thinks I'm crazy, but we survived and N actually semi-slept on a nap-mat (an adorable one his DD made). He doesn't go back for 2 days, so we'll see how skipping a day goes. We may go straight to 3 days a week next week.

Here are some pictures from today... none of which happened near school. 

 N doesn't like that I pulled his chair away from the china cabinet so when he sits on it, it won't shake all the china and crystal... so he's fixing it.
 Testing it out.... bang!!! bang!!! yep... that's close enough.

 Naked Christmas baby... he's still the baby... at least until April.

 We love Baby Jesus
Sweetest boy.
 Telling daddy about all the 'balls' on the tree.

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