Monday, February 11, 2013

30 weeks with baby girl

We had our 30 week appointment and 4D ultrasound of baby girl today! I can't believe this pregnancy is within 10 weeks of being over. She still has NO name!! I think I'm wearing Ben down though. I hope. :) He's been anti-names most of this pregnancy, but I think he understands that its getting close and he should be open to consideration.... or compromise :)

The 4D was fun, we did not do it with N because honestly, $150 is a lot of money. Then I had a friend whose baby was found to have an issue at the 4D and they were able to know when she was born instantly how to treat her... so I decided it would be worth it just in case. But it was mostly just for fun :)
 30-weeks, holy moly!

30 week appointment:
Heart rate 148
measuring 32 weeks
weight gain 27lbs.... oops
still a girl!
not much heartburn unless i eat like crap
she has mostly been head down and I can tell by her hiccups, but over the weekend she flipped and is now head up with arms and one leg up with her head and the other leg curled up under her... odd.
I will be praying she flips again and gets her head back down asap.
Nursery is still N's room. BUT I'm hoping this weekend we will go and get our furniture out of my parent's attic and work on his new room so the nursery can become baby girl's. I'm really excited about his new room! BUT... I haven't done anything beyond paint the walls. There is a lot of furniture to be painted, items to be framed, curtains to be hung, etc.

Here are the pictures of baby girl - they won't mean much to you other than typical 4D photos, but it was cute getting to see her. I think she looks like N :). Mostly in one instance she scowled and looked just like him, ha! I do feel better knowing she is again, 100% a girl. I was afraid for some strange reason that she'd end up being a boy and I would have already changed everything from blue to pink.  

Her hand stayed on top of her head and next to her ear the whole time. I asked if they could ever tell in 4D if their eyes were open or closed, but she said she couldn't, only in regular 2D.

See that little hand still hanging out up there? 
I'm so excited to meet her!!

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  1. So close! This pregnancy has flown by! Can't wait to see her :)


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