Monday, February 25, 2013

32 weeks and a name!

Just 8 short weeks left until our sweet baby girl is expected to arrive! She has a first name too!!!!! :) hooray!!!!

We'd been arguing/discussing it for months about what to name her. Ben got stuck on his Mom's maiden name as a first name that I couldn't love. If you know our last name it just didn't go we'll together. Her maiden name is Brinkley.

So after we prayed about it together a couple weeks ago, the next day I just said nonchalantly, 'what about Layla?' To which he said, yeah... That sounds good.' Ha! I grabbed it and ran that we FINALLY agreed on something! It was one we'd thrown out there a couple times, but wasn't in either of our favorites list. I do love it though. It goes well with our strange last name and with N's name too.

We found out a few days after that a couple that goes to our new church has a Leila, pronounced, Layla, but I just don't care at this point. I was DESPERATE to have this baby named. I needed to know who she was. Ben told me I was getting crazy about it, to which I replied, I'm only going to get crazier....until she's named!

Now we are just working on a middle name and getting N moved into his big boy room so little L can have the nursery. A few more pieces of furniture need to be finished being painted and it'll be ready.

32 week appt today.
Measuring 2 weeks ahead for the 6th week now.
Gained 27lbs
Her heart rate 138
Head down ready to go!
We toured the new hospital today too and saw the water-labor suite... Hmm... Something to consider? :)

N has been sick this weekend, but at least he's still sweet and precious, even sick. Praying he overcomes this illness quickly!


  1. Aw! I love the name Layla! :) So so sweet!

  2. Awwww! I've been trying to brainstorm middle names for you that will pass the Ben Test! I can't believe you are due in eight weeks!!! And also that Noah has gotten that big since I last saw him! We need a date soon :)

  3. Ok I've been horrible at blog reading obviously because I didn't know you were expecting again!!!! So excited for you and that you get a girl! Layla is ADORABLE!!!! We just had our sweet girl in September and she has been such a blessing. Congrats!


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