Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby L - 38/39 weeks

I had my 39th week appointment yesterday (it is currently 5am, and I can't sleep bc it's too hot in our house, so I'm watching the duggars :)
It was uneventful - same report for both 38 & 39 week appointments - measuring 38 weeks, almost 2cm and 0 effaced, which means pretty much nothing.

We are waiting this little girl out and not scheduling an induction at this point. Just a regular appt at 40 weeks and maybe baby girl will grace us with her presence by then.

In the meantime-
I'm more comfortable since a cough I've had for what seems forever has mostly subsided and the not one, but two back muscles I've pulled coughing have healed. I definitely need to strengthen some muscles soon so that doesn't happen again. :)

Ben has started on N's Swingset in the backyard, we are so excited! We had a great weekend just loving the last little time as a family of 3, and enjoying the great weather blowing bubbles and running around outside. If baby girl stays put one more weekend, hopefully Ben can finish the Swingset just in time for N to have a great place to play.

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