Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby girl - 37 weeks

Well in spite of my groaning and complaining, I've successfully made it to 37 weeks with zero progress towards going into labor any time soon. Literally- 1cm and 0 effaced. I think I decided tonight, I can mentally make it another 3 weeks, although if you ask me tomorrow my answer may be the complete opposite. :)

Baby girls heart rate was 143 today, pretty typical of each appointment. Blood pressure was 106/68, weight gain of 3lbs in one week... Making the grand total 36lbs so far. I have a terrible cough though that is making this milestone of 37 weeks less fun... It's the kind of cough that makes your head pound each time you cough - which also makes me feel like I'll have a baby every time also. Interesting feeling.

Here's to at least one more week pregnant! And a comparison picture for you:

1 comment:

  1. Wow! She wins for sure! She will probably pop out itsy bitsy :)


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