Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama and his money

When Ben and I's paychecks went up a couple dollars each week everyone was excited, I however am skeptical and am not spending the "Obama money" that has appeared in our paychecks for fear that I'll have to give it all back come next January. So Ben and I have been just holding onto it in the meantime... well this morning Ben sent me this link:

Which implies that we will most likely owe more than we're used to and in turn have to give Obama back his stimulus money... thanks Obama for the borrowed money, I guess this is why the state of Alabama turned down some of their stimulus money when they found out how much it would cost them.... :-/


  1. When we have to give our money back lets do it in nickels and dimes!

  2. Hey Obama - I don't want your stimulus. And stay out of college football, please.


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