Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to the world Ava Grace!

Sweet little Ava Grace was born yesterday on August 27, 2009 at 7:21am weighing in at 5lbs even and 19.5 inches long.
She was born exactly 6 weeks early, but we were ecstatic. You may not know, but it is VERY important to be born on the 27th in our family. My birthday as well as Ava's brother Austin, Uncle Ben, Uncle Chris and Uncle Jim are all born on the 27th and now she is too! We weren't sure what we'd do if she was born on another day... probably just never remember it.

Jessica's water broke on Sunday, 7 weeks early. This was very scary because she was so early, but they managed to keep Ava in for 4 more days and give Jessica 2 steroid shots for Ava's lungs.

Well she came out, went to NICU for 2 hours to get checked for being so early and for the risk of infection and went straight into well baby! She is eating, breathing, keeping her temperature up all by herself. They said she's ready to go home Saturday!!


  1. It is such great news, that she is doing so well already, that is God's work!

  2. Update - Ava is now staying at the hospital until Thursday :( She developed Jaundice and because she is a preemie they want to make sure it is 100% out of her system before she goes home. But 1 week at the hospital being born 6 weeks early isn't too bad. And if this is the very least of our concerns then we are okay. So, just praying for her quick recovery and to go home very soon!

  3. Thanks for this fabulous site dedicated to our little angel. You are such a wonderful aunt!!! :)


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