Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome back Daniel

The Biggest Loser is one of my all time favorite shows minus one season where a terrible, negative person named Vicky was on there. Ugh... she made me not want to ever watch the show. However, last season was back to normal of positive attitudes and a lot of weight loss. This season starts this week! So in honor of the season premier..... Meet Daniel (on the right)!

He was a contestant last season with his best friend, David. Well David was the crummiest partner anyone could have asked for. David started out weighing 393 and only lost 43 pounds the entire show. I don't think he even gave up smoking. So needless to say, Daniel went home with him even though he tried MUCH harder and ended up losing a total 142 lbs. Daniel's starting weight was 454 pounds, so he lost 31%. Well.... he's back!!!! The new season starts Tuesday at 7pm! This year's theme is appropriately "Second Chances." Thankfully, I have DVR!

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