Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Funday

I did some MUCH needed shopping today now that the NCE is semi-behind me. I took the exam yesterday, but won't know how I did for 6-8 weeks.... ugh... the wait. The exam was pretty hard and used much larger words in every question than necessary. Which to add that with my test anxiety made me have to break several questions down and rewrite them in simpler forms to understand what the heck they wanted me to answer. It took me 3.5 hours to take it with our limit at 4 hours.

To celebrate that the NCE was over for the meantime and that everyone passed their Comps exam this semester, a group some of my favorite people and I went to Jackson's in Soho for dinner. It was really good food and great company. But poor Ben. He only gets to eat redmeat/pork/seafood out since I don't eat it and it doesn't make much sense to cook it for one. So he ordered a Portabello Cheesesteak. I'm pretty sure he was 75% through with his meal before he realized there was no 'steak' on the sandwich and he had ordered a vegetarian meal. I think I'll have to take him out to sushi now to make up for it. He was a trooper none-the-less.

Anyways.... back to couponing today.
I went slightly over budget today, but bought A LOT. So hopefully I will be way under budget the next few weeks because I stocked up.

Spent $88
Saved $78

Spent $18
Saved $41
Left w/ $9.99 Extra Bucks so I really only spent $8?

Spent $1.33
Saved $3.00
(I usually have a rule to not step foot into Walmart for my sanity, but went today specifically to buy Sara Lee deli meat b/c I had a $3.00 off coupon and Ben was needing it for lunch.)

And now back to school work. I have a final and a paper due Tuesday, and it will be so good to finish this weekend class and have it 100% behind me!

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  1. I need to go to a class in Donora Couponing. I can't figure out how you do this? I went to Publix and spent $49 (for one person?!?!) and saved $4.50. What is wrong with me???


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