Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We'll be comin' round the mountain when we come...

I'm feeling a bit dizzy lately like I'm going around and around a huge mountain.... soon it will be all downhill though! I'm very excited :)

I've probably mentioned this 5 times more than you want to read about, but I take a huge anxiety-provoking test on Saturday morning at 8:30am. The National Counselor Exam (NCE) and if I pass, I will be a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and I can begin my licensure process of counseling 3000 hours while being supervised (you have to pay someone to supervise you and they have to have earned the credential of supervisor from NBCC). Confusing. BUT, I'm so glad the exam will be over with and pray that I pass it! Its a big deal and expensive, so I certainly don't want to take it again. (Although it you have to retake it, I think they give you 50% off!) :-P

So that and the rest of school is my life in a nutshell lately. I did win a set of 5 counseling books at a conference Thursday though! I was super excited about this b/c I really need all the training I can get and don't have the money to go buy lots of books. One of them was called, "Students Who Drive You Crazy: Succeeding With Resistant, Unmotivated, and Otherwise Difficult Young People" Should be interesting! :)

Once this exam is over, I only have 1 final and 1 project due and then I'm assignment-free until next semester! I will still be interning at the middle school though through December and start at an elementary school in January. I'm praying I will be somewhere with a wonderful counselor who will let me get a TON of contact hours in.

So... super boring post I know, but when I saw the last time I'd posted was in September, I had to get that date a little more recent. Pray for me please that I remember all the information I've desperatley tried to cram in my head. :)

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  1. This is so not boring! Very exciting stuff going on if your life and I know you will do great on Saturday!


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