Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movie Review: Everybody's Fine

We recently got HBO at home as part of a promotion from Dish Network. Yay! So what I do every Sunday is flip through the week's movies and record any movies that Ben and I may want to watch one day. This way when our promotion ends we'll still have a ton of movies to watch on our DVR.

Well, typically we don't watch movies too often so this usually lasts us a year or so, but lately, probably because of my very boring life and the sinus infection I've been recovering from, I've watched about 10 movies in 2 weeks. (5 or 6 of those may have all been watched this past Saturday....)

Anyways, so I watched Everybody's Fine this weekend with Ben. You know that movie with Robert De Niro, where he goes to visit his kids across the country? Yeah, maybe you figured out the sarcasm in the title, but I didn't quite get it. I thought it would be a happy family movie, however, after 2 hours of sobbing I realized..... its not!

This movie is so incredibly SAD!! Unless you want to cry.... a lot, I would not recommend it. Ben actually told me that if I didn't pull it together he was going to turn the movie off. Ha! I'm not sure if he was just tired of the hyperventilating or wanted me quit subjecting myself to the misery. This one is second on the list of saddest movies. The first being Hurricane. Never ever do that one to yourself. Whew!

I did watch a lot of good movies too though, I'll keep you updated :)

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