Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've been consumed by a materialistic goal lately....

But its been 4 years now that I have been saving for bedroom furniture. I have reached my goal a couple times and then something always comes up: computers dying, new tires, life, etc. And I'm cheap. Really cheap. So much so that I cannot stomach spending a couple hundred OR thousand dollars at one time. Literally it just makes me want to throw up.

If we have large purchases I usually have to give Ben the okay to do it so I don't actually have to spend the money myself. Pathetic I know.

Well, I've decided enough is enough. I REALLY want bedroom furniture and Ben asked for new tires for his buggy, which about sent me over the edge into a '2-year-old tantrum, you always get stuff and I never do' frenzy. Good thing I composed myself and realized I'm 27.

Currently our bedroom is composed of a VERY mismatched assortment of furniture and bedding. (The rest of my house has slowly come together, but this room that should be just as important has been pushed aside). We have a faux headboard, Trading Spaces style of plywood covered with fabric.... and trust me I'm not nearly as crafty as Living with Lindsay (check out her homemade headboard) although I aspire to be! We have 2 nightstands that came from the thrift store at around $1.75 each many years ago, and totally don't match.... I have a white dresser that was a hand-me-down from my old roommate after she didn't want it anymore because the drawers constantly fall out and it takes a lot of work to get them back in.... it needs a new coat of paint too. Have I done this? Nope. So you get the idea.... its a mess.

Well, mess, no more!

This is the furniture:

I've loved it for 2 years now and I just looked it up again after not seeing it for at least a year and still love it. I think that is a good sign! I WILL buy this furniture soon!

I can't really tell you my expected date because of Christmas, but soon! I'd love to have it by Christmas, but I'll need to go see the prices again before that's able to happen. The last time I priced it out I priced ALL the pieces because someone told me I'd better get all of them or I'll regret it when they discontinue them. I no longer want all the pieces, just the crucial ones: bed, nightstands, dresser & mirror. And Ben promised me that he would be a bargainer that would make Dave Ramsey proud!


  1. I love it!! I seriously think loving your bedroom is so freaking important, so I say go for it lady!

  2. Love your blog! Can't wait to

  3. I agree with SIF! You need to love your bedroom so you can feel relaxed and enjoy it!

    (PS, I was totally worried because when I tried to read your blog the other day, it said it was private and I was sooooo bummed!! So glad I can still follow!)


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