Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am a little confused. Every time I read the bible and Jesus performs a miracle, he says to that person: don't tell anyone of what I've done. I struggle, because I thought, aren't we supposed to tell of all he's done?! Am I doing something wrong by talking about all the wonderful things God does for me??

So I googled it.... because I google everything.... and came across an answer. Jesus did not want these people who were healed to talk of his healings because he did not want to hinder his mission here on earth and divert people from his message, but it ended up that he had to leave the towns and go into less populated areas because no one could keep their mouth shut when he healed them. So, to this day, the message of the healing through salvation is still a stronger message that Jesus wants spread rather than just one single miracle he performs.

My question still is, what is the level that it would be good to talk about a miracle that Jesus performed for us today? Because when he does them (which is a whole lot more often than we even realize) we WANT to shout it from the roof tops, but is that what He would want??

Either way, I of course want all the glory to be for God because he IS miraculous. Sending his son to die for our souls feels even bigger than a miracle, if there was even a word. I cannot fathom this act and often think, REALLY think, about how Jesus died and how brutal it was. A crown of thorns on his head.... nails in his hands.... hung on a cross!! (And that is just parts of it!) I mean its sickening and saddens me to really think about it, but I think it is important to really think about it, because he did it FOR me. FOR you. He knew us before we were born and loved us so much already that he died for us so we may have a chance to be saved.

Praise the Lord!


  1. Now you totally have me confused too friend! I've never thought about this either, but I know my first instinct when something amazing comes into my life is to praise Jesus.

    Although, I do feel like miraculous healings are a much more rare occurrence in today's day and age. I can't help but wonder if maybe that has something to do with this? If maybe it's because those kind of miracles could distract from the real message?

    See, told you that you have me confused!

  2. I've always taken it as he didn't want the hero-worship and miracles to overshadow his message. That is, we often use Jesus as a crutch...heal me, better me, help me prosper. That is something Jesus does, but he wanted his primary message to be about love and kindness. At the same time, he did want someone to know about his miracles...the apostoles. They needed to see the power to truly carry the faith. So if the general public started running wild spreading word of miracles, people would just see him as a healer and not the Son of God.


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