Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh where oh where can it be?

My favorite city in all of the world? Yes, that means its day 22 of Katie's 30-day challenge.

I am having a really hard time coming up with my favorite city because really, if it has a beach, or a lazy river, it could be a contender.

I love Islamorada in the Keys. (We usually go there every christmas, but it just became a little expensive.... although you'd be surprised how cheap going during the off season actually is.) This year we won't be attending because I'll be working, but hopefully next year we can pick back up with it. Its about an hour from Key West, still very laid back, cute little seafood places, and beautiful views everywhere. (This picture below is VERY old... from Ben's first year down there I think).
My favorite city I've never been?

Charleston, SC

It just seems so beautiful! Close to the water, has a lot of interesting historical places and I've heard the night life is always fun too. I do hope to go there one day.

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