Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and another year over?!

How has this year flown by so fast?

Christmas has come and gone and I'm in shock.

We had a wonderful white Christmas, a first in my memory even with living in New Jersey for 7 years.
Needless to say we were all unprepared for the snow, so Ava had to wear some make-shift snow boots made of saran wrap! (Don't worry, she was at least triple-socked and stayed out just long enough to feel the snow.)

Here is sweet Ava pushing her grocery cart around during Christmas. She would put everything she found in it and push it into the next room, super cute.

My tree is ready to come down thanks to Ben tripping over some shelving that was on the floor and crashing into the tree last night. Thus, breaking several ornaments and having to pick up the tree skirt and take down a lot of ornaments. (Don't worry, he came out alive.) So now its just waiting for me to finish it off and pack it all away until next Christmas flies by. I wish I had a slow button, like staples offers the easy button.

I'm just not ready for everything to keep moving so quick (and no need to tell me its only going to get worse.... I've heard it.)

Christmas was wonderful though. Ben and I have/had two weeks off for Christmas (down to one week left) and we've spent A LOT of time together. I thought we'd go stir crazy, but its been great. I've really enjoyed the rest and ability to do anything I want! Work will be up and going before I know it, so I'm trying to enjoy every last second of it. I still have nights of stressing over things I need to do when I get back (and a few things I should be doing while I'm off, like a 4 page paper I have to turn into central office in a month.... blogging is my way of procrastinating) but I'm trying to turn my brain off and just enjoy the free time!

We are heading to Florida soon to visit Ivy and her sweet little girl, and the rest of my family that lives in Tallahassee; then I'm so excited to spend New Year's Eve with my very good friend Emily!

Ben and I's resolution is to stick to our budget! (Yes, I gave him his resolution this year.) December threw me for a huge loop due to my putting off Christmas shopping until the very last minute and therefore buying just what I needed rather than what I needed AND was a good deal.

I'm trying really hard to reach a savings goal and if we do well in January, we may actually get there! You know what that means?? Bedroom Furniture! (PS - Ben vetoed my previous furniture, so we've picked out a new brand: Legacy. What do you think? It seemed much better quality and not too much of a price jump. (Ben's working on his negotiating skills....)

What's your resolution?

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  1. We have a legacy bedroom! It's very nice and good quality. Even though ours is about 5 years old, they still sell it at Macy's! Timeless.


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