Sunday, January 2, 2011

Movies, movies, movies

I have watched a ton of movies lately. I used to not be a big movie fan because it was so much time to dedicate to something (that was probably because I was in school and SHOULD be doing a lot of other things), but lately I've LOVED watching movies. I've really thought about doing Netflix, but Ben is against it. He thinks it's waste of money, but just ONE movie on PPV is $6.99!! And Netflix is only $9.99/month. So we haven't come up with a compromise yet. The one thing holding me back is, do I really need to just watch movies all the time? I don't know that I need one more thing keeping my butt on the couch.

Anyways, so I FINALLY watched the other two Twilight movies: New Moon and Eclipse. I absolutely loved Twilight and could barely stand that I hadn't seen the rest of them. But yesterday while we were on our New Year's vacation down to my friend Emily's, we watched New Moon. Even Ben watched it. His response is as usual, 'its not terrible'. Today I had a free PPV movie, so we rented Eclipse and I just love them both, I really loved that it gave back stories to most of the Cullen clan in Eclipse. I had been against getting on the Twilight frenzy, so I never read the books, but each movie is really good. I'm very ready for the next movie(s) to come out even though I've heard what happens to Bella. (I prefer to know what's coming before committing myself to a movie). **Just watched Eclipse for the 2nd time today (procrastinate much?) and I'm pretty sure that Jacob is one of the best actors in the movie. I think he and Dr. Carlisle Cullen are my favorite... acting wise. Also, I had no idea that Jane in the movie is Dakota Fanning. When did she grown up?!

I also saw, How Do You Know this week at the theaters and I really liked this one. I definitely recommend it. It's not a monumental movie by any means, but you'll leave thinking, 'that was cute'. Plus, Paul Rudd is hilarious and awkward as usual and Jack Nicholson is a good addition to the movie. I can't say its my favorite Reese movie at all, her character was a little bland, but she's cute as always and is her typical romantic-comedy-self. The title is very forgetful though... I've had a hard time remembering it since I've seen it. Overall, its one that is worth seeing in the theater on a rainy day.

One more day off work!

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  1. i love netflix! If you rent movies a lot, it's definitely not a waste of money!

    i don't love the twilight movies...the books were a lot better! But i'm gonna watch the one they're filming now since they're filming here! :)


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